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Advertisement is a great resource to find sports activities in your area; the only problem is that results displayed are too texty. AvtiveMap is a great tool that takes the data and places local sports activities onto an interactive map. You can filter the map by sports activity such as running, swimming, football and/or by a geographical location like state or zip code.

All the future events are marked in green colored dots, upcoming events in orange and all the past events are shown in red color. You can zoom in on the map to see individual events and click on any dot to see complete event information. Some activities like running and cycling also allow you to narrow results by choosing a sub-category.

local sports activities


  • See sports activities on an interactive map.
  • Easily distinguish between future, upcoming and past events.
  • Narrow down results by state or even zip code.
  • Click on any event to see specific details.
  • No registration required.

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