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If you have an Android phone, here is a new app that could change how you relate to your phone. Actionworks is a handy app that lets you set and perform a series of actions or steps based on a pre-set condition. These conditions could include a specific time, location, or prior actions like when you launch an app.

series of actions

Actionworks manages all action and conditions by saving a profile. Each profile will include a set of conditions that will activate the action once the conditions are true. For example, with this app you can increase your display brightness every 9am, but only when you are in the office. When used properly, this app will make your Android device much more powerful.

Actionworks: Auto-Executes Series Of Preset Actions On Your Android 1032

Some of the actions in the app include going into silent mode, setting screen timeout, block incoming calls, and displaying reminders. Once one of the conditions does not apply, your phone will go back to its normal state and your settings will be restored.


  • Run a set of actions following a set of conditions.
  • Conditions include time, location, app launch, incoming call, SMS text, airplane mode and more.
  • Over 100 actions to choose from.
  • 7-day full feature trial available; free version available with limited functionality.
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