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Most of the project management tools available today are either to shallow in terms of features or focus way more on social media integration and user-interface than the actual functionalities. AceProject is different, as it is a no-nonsense, project management tool that gives you tremendous depth in features.

You can add tons of attributes to your project including project type, start date, end date, estimated hours, client name and at any given time compare the project estimates to actual. Tasks can be added and assigned to different users as well as group into categories. You can view the progress of each project in your project portfolio view and even view Gantt charts for different intervals like Daily, weekly or monthly.

feature project management tool

The free account allows you to create up to 5 projects and allows 5 users to access those projects. For a small monthly fees, you can add as many users as you want along with unlimited number of projects. You can also create task reports by user, date and description. You can also upload documents, associate them with specific projects and search them. Time reports and expense reports can be generated along with customized reports about user workload by each project. AceProject may not be have the best user-interface you have seen but it definitely has a ton of features when it comes to managing projects online and generate all sorts of reports.

web-based project management tool


  • Web-based project management tool.
  • Manage up to 5 projects for free online.
  • Track progress via reports, Gantt charts and a budget-actual comparison.
  • Add users and grant them customized access .
  • Generate time, expense and workload reports.
  • Add clients, tasks and group tasks into categories.
  • Get specific URL for your account
  • Premium accounts also supported.

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