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Large projects involve numerous tasks and subgroups in a team that handle each task. For the project manager, all this means increased complications and more difficult task management. Thankfully there are services like Ace Project that simplifies project management.


Ace Project is an excellent project management web application. After you sign up for an account on the site you can begin creating projects and entering details such as costs and expenses. Since most users will be project managers, the site supports task management by assigning them to team members. Support for timesheets and uploading documents makes task assignment an easy process to execute and monitor.

All of these features are packed into an intuitive interface to make project management a fast process.

For increased accessibility the site offers a mobile version which is also a web app thus independent of your smartphone’s OS. Hence if you decide to use the service on your phone you will not need to install any additional project planning software.

The site offers a free account with up to 5 active projects and 50 tasks per account along with an overall storage space of 250 MB. For users who want support for more projects, tasks, and storage, the site offers premium packages that start from $24 per month.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you manage projects online.
  • Offers 250 MB storage for free account and more for premium accounts.
  • Supports task management, timesheets, and details such as costs and expenses.
  • Offers a mobile version for smartphone users.

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