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Normally when you visit the website of an online service, pages are filled with a lot of new terms. As a result, you may not fully understand what the particular service is all about. What you need is for somebody to break down those long webpages into smaller understandable chunks of information. This type of informed articles and guides regarding various web services is precisely what a site called ServiceGuidance provides.

ServiceGuidance is a free, ad-supported website that provides its visitors with easy-to-understand articles about various web services. You can visit the website and easily discover what popular services and their features mean. For instance you can enter the Gifts & Flowers category on the site where you can then find out what Hallmark’s Feedback Survey is all about.


Similarly you can enter the categories of business & education, finance, life & family, technology & internet, and miscellaneous. These categories often have subcategories for you to better narrow down the service you are looking for.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides articles explaining various online services.
  • Sorts articles categorically.
  • Displays ads relevant to the post for visitor interest.

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