AccountKiller: Get Instructions On Deleting Online Accounts

Websites that require you to create accounts with them often make it quite difficult to delete your account. Mostly you are able to delete your account after finding a hidden deletion link and then following a series of particular steps. Here to help you with the account deletion process of many websites quicker is Account Killer.

account killer   AccountKiller: Get Instructions On Deleting Online Accounts

Account Killer is a free to use website that lists instructions on how to delete your account on Facebook, Skype, iTunes, Google, and numerous other websites. These instructions come with a direct deletion URL of the web service wherever possible. People can leave comments on each instruction set indicating how helpful they found the instructions to be.

Each service also has a color code, indicating the level of difficulty involved in deleting an account with that service.  Black means it is impossible, grey means it is slightly easier and white means it is very easy.


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