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It is more cost-efficient for any small business to create their own custom invoices instead of hiring someone to make one for them, especially with the several free invoice generator apps available online.

One example is Invoice ASAP from Accounting ASAP, a nifty web application that lets you create professional-looking invoices instantly. This app lets you create a PDF version of the invoice, along with your company’s logo so that you can keep a soft copy which you can print afterward.

instant invoice

To create your own invoice, just input the necessary information such as your company details, billing address, invoice number, invoice date, the customer PO, payment terms, sales tax rate, and the amount, quantity, price and description of products ordered. You can even put additional remarks on the invoice if you want to.

instant invoice

You can add in as many products as you want in the invoice, all you need to do is keep on inserting rows. Once you are done inputting all the products, it will automatically compute the sub total, the sales tax, and the total amount of the products purchased. You can review your work and see if there are changes needed to be done before saving a final copy. You can also upload your company’s logo so that it appears as a background of your invoice.


Once you are set with the invoice that you made, you have three options: print the invoice immediately, download a PDF copy, and get it sent to your email, so that you can easily forward the invoice to your customers.


  • Create professional-looking invoices easily.
  • Input as many products as you want.
  • Download a PDF copy of your invoice.
  • Print the invoice you created directly.
  • Send a copy to your email for easier forwarding.
  • Free, no signup is required.

Check out InvoceASAP @

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