AccidentSketch: Draw Accident Sketches Online

AccidentSketch as the name suggests is a web tool that lets you create sketches of your traffic accidents online. With just a few mouse clicks you can graphically illustrate what happened during the accident. This can be very useful for cases explaining the accident to your insurance company, lawyer, police, court… etc.

accidentscetch   AccidentSketch: Draw Accident Sketches Online

The application is really simple to use and there is no sign up, just drag and drop objects (junctions, roads, cars, signs, lights.. etc) from the menu onto the canvas, rotate, move and scale them, draw and add notes to indicate important factors. There is also an option to attach a detailed text description. When sketch is finished you can print it out or download it as a PDF file.

accidentscetch1   AccidentSketch: Draw Accident Sketches Online

See AccidentSketch in action in the video below:


  • Draw accident sketches online.
  • Create as many sketches as you like.
  • Drag and drop objects such junctions, roads, cars, traffic signs, lights.. etc.
  • Rotate, move and scale objects the way you want.
  • Draw and add notes to indicate important factors.
  • Attach text explanations.
  • Print out sketches or save as PDF.
  • Free, no registration needed.

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Can you believe it dose not work with Google Chrome? You need Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.