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Last week we looked at the question: Is it OK to use your neighbor’s WiFi? Is It OK To Use Your Neighbor's Wi-Fi? [Poll] Is It OK To Use Your Neighbor's Wi-Fi? [Poll] Read More . We received 817 responses from our readers. I figured this was going to be a hot topic that would be split between users that feel this is stealing and others that feel that if they can connect to it then they can use it freely!

We touched on the fact that you can have your identity or data stolen from you by using “an open access point” or you can be infected and turned into a zombie computer as part of a botnet! I do not connect to open access points anymore as a precaution to my well being.

You can see all the responses below:



This week’s poll looks at how you get online when you are away from home.  I personally tether my laptop or netbook to my Tilt2 Windows Mobile device. I occasionally use a built in mobile broadband card for work when I am on the road as well.

We want to know if you are jumping onto paid Wi-Fi networks or maybe you have some tethering going on yourself. And maybe – just maybe, you don’t want to take the net with you when you go on vacation. I know it’s hard but we all deserve a break from the daily grind right? I haven’t been on a trip yet without a laptop but maybe you are different.

Please answer the poll below and we’d love to hear your comments as well!


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