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Firefox is known for being one of the fastest browsers available. Its open-source nature also makes it a popular choice for individuals using the web. If you’ve suddenly found that the performance of Firefox is going down, and things feel slow and sluggish, an add-on could be to blame. By default, Google Chrome comes with a task manager that lets you monitor this information, but Firefox does not have such a feature.

That is where the add-on called About:addons-memory comes into play. It tells you how much memory each add-on is using, so you can attempt to fix the issue or remove one that is using too much memory.

how much memory is firefox using

Once you install the add-on, using it is as simple as typing “about:addons-memory” (without the quotes) into your Firefox address bar. This will open the page where you can see every installed add-on, and find out exactly how much memory it is using.


The add-on will give you details such as the exact number of megabytes the add-on is using. It will also provide you with the percentage of the total memory it is using. All add-ons will use some memory, and that is fine, but if you see a certain add-on sucking down hundreds of megabytes, you know there might something wrong with it, and you can either try to fix it, or remove it from your system completely.

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  • Find out which add-ons are using the most memory.
  • Find out how much memory and what percentage of the total it is using.
  • Only uses a tiny amount of memory itself.

Find About:addons-memory @

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