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If you are afraid that Google keeps track of the search history you make, then check out ABINE Protected Search – an add-on made especially for people like you.

protect google search history

As you may already know, Google keeps a track of its users and probably knows more about you than you want them to know. They keep a track of the searches you make, the websites you click and even the content of your Gmail emails you receive. ABINE is a tool that wishes to put a line between privacy and the Internet.

ABINE uses a custom proxy and a Firefox add-on to deliver you the protection and privacy you need from the tracking Google bots. To make the process of ABINE simple, it assigns people different ‘identities’ and changes them regularly. As the identities are mixed together, it becomes difficult to analyze and keep track.

Just download the add-on to your Mozilla Firefox browser, and you will see the “Protected Search Enabled” option in the taskbar below. When you make a search on Google, the ABINE add-on will start to hide your identity to protect your search history.


  • Protect your privacy and prevent Google from keeping track of your search history.
  • Identities are always randomized before search.
  • Similar tools: Cocoon, Startingpage, Yauba, Startpage and QuietAgent.

Check out Abine Protected Search @

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  1. Vannyf
    March 14, 2012 at 1:56 am

    StartPage is the best search engine. It's powered by Google but does NOT track you.