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a2z WordFinder is a useful site for players of games like Scrabble, Literati, Jamble and WordOx. The site has different wordfinder boxes according to the game you are playing. Enter the combination of letters and click on find words to look up various words that are ranked according to the points they’ll earn you in the game.

You can also check out the French, Italian or Spanish version of the dictionary. For English, you have American, British and International dictionaries to find words. You can also find anagrams, solve crossword puzzles, play multi-player scrabble games and do much more using this site.


The site may not have a great user interface but it gets the job done. And while it can help you win a scrabble game, it is meant to be used as a vocabulary builder and not cheat against others in the game. Use it to learn new words and play better scrabble.



  • Online Scrabble dictionary and Literati, Jamble and WordOx wordfinder.
  • Find words according to the points they’ll fetch you in the game.
  • Dictionary available in different languages.
  • Also find word anagrams, solve crossword puzzles and play scrabble on the site.

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