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Sound Sunday brings you 10 free and legal album downloads from The National, Turin Brakes, The Oh Hellos, and many other talented independent artists. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving or just feel in need of unwinding from a stressful week, these albums will bring you much needed calmness. Kick back and enjoy your weekend with relaxing folk, pop, and instrumental music.

EP: Observer Drift – Colored My Heart Red

Genre: alternative, indie, dream, pop, lo-fi, shoegaze

From the album page: “A scrapbook collection of my earliest songs. Mostly all recorded before I even started using the name Observer Drift.”

The Oh Hellos – Through the Deep, Dark Valley

Genre: acoustic, indie, cinematic, folk, pop, rock


From the album page: “The Oh Hellos’ first full-length album, Through the Deep, Dark Valley, is a self-contained concept album, and so for best results should be listened to in its entirety, in chronological order, in one sitting.”

EP: Feldspar – The Flat and Paper Sky Vol. II

Genre: alternative, indie, blues, folk

From their Bandcamp profile: “Feldspar are five men from Yorkshire, Somerset and Cabridgeshire who gathered in London to sing songs about bitterness and heartache with smiles on their faces.”

Suave As Hell – Selftitled

Genre: indie, psychedelic, folk, pop, classic rock

EP: Jason Eastwood – Space is a place in Manitoba

Genre: instrumental, ambient, guitar

Wes Finch – Covers

Genre: americana, folk, country, roots

From his Bandcamp profile: “Wes is a Warwickshire based singer, songwriter and fingerstyle guitar player with 3 studio albums and various EPs and side projects.”

EP: This Is The Kit & The National – Autumn EU/UK Tour Sampler

Genre: alternative, folk

Compared to The National’s lead singer Matt Berninger, who seemed to go mental during their recent Berlin show, This Is The Kit were as down-to-earth as you can imagine. They were, however, strangely out of place in the big and noisy venue that The National afforded them. Jamie Harrison describes This Is The Kit as: “The most far out thing that doesn’t turn out to be the work of a Californian serial killer who sells beads at the airport: Mellow, expansive, groovy.”

EP: Turin Brakes – We’ll Be Here

Genre: indie, pop

From the album page: “We Were Here gorgeously chimes and echoes with the pastoral psychedelia of Pink Floyd, the sunset soul of Laurel Canyon, the blues of the Mississippi Delta and the band’s own six-stringed past. These 4 tracks are demo versions of final songs from the new the new album We Were Here.”

Social Scientists – Matthew/Mark

Genre: alternative, indie, acoustic americana, lo-fi, folk, rock

Thiam – The Year of Sleeping Journeys

Genre: instrumental, soundscape, jazz, beats

Melancholic instrumental music from Russia, brought to you by Rainy Tree House.

In Closing…

You found this edition of Sound Sunday and you liked it so much, you scrolled down to the very end. Thank you! I hope you found what you were looking for. Now please tell me: Would you like me to post music for other occasions and which ones?

You can comment below, message me @TinaSieber on Twitter, or send an email to Tina at this domain.

  1. Henk van Setten
    November 25, 2013 at 11:52 am

    Always like your posts, Tina, and "occasional themes" may not be a bad idea for a change. I see just one (small) problem: this kind of selection could turn away people on a _non-musical_ preference basis, causing them to miss some of your entries they would have looked at and enjoyed otherwise.
    I clicked your post this time just because I was curious, not because I (being not American) have anything to do with Thanksgiving.
    But as a purely personal example, if you would title one of your selections "Music For A Happy Christmas", I myself would probably never, and I mean NEVER EVER, click on it because I (shivering with revulsion) tend to skip any Christmas link automatically, just like I skip Valentine links btw.
    Right now all you have to cope with, turning-off-wise, is people who simply don't like specific kinds of music. With an "occasion" setup, this turned-off group gets extended with all the people who don't like specific occasions.
    Hope you see what I mean. This was just a thought, and maybe not that important.

    • Tina S
      November 27, 2013 at 10:37 am

      Thank you for your feedback, Hank; it's always appreciated!

      I've been playing with the format and I have been asking readers for feedback. Comments are taken seriously because Sound Sunday has a very loyal readership! I hear you and I see what you're saying.

      On the other hand, we're also analyzing the column's overall performance (traffic and all that jazz) and taking steps to increase it. Sound Sunday has been running for over three years and I want it to run for a little longer; competition is tough.

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