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pwWhen the god Pan Gu created the first sentient beings, they were still flawed. Instead of peace and harmony, these beasts sought violence and quickly turned against each other. The god Pan Gu acknowledged his mistake, having created an Imperfect World, and wiped them out completely with a great flood.

It was then that He created three races from his own being – the Humans from his spirit, the Untamed from his body and the Winged Elves from his blood. After creating these three races, Pan Gu vowed never to interfere again. The three different races lived, not in perfect harmony, but in occasional conflict. Tensions built up and wars were fought for the lands of the world.

In one time of conflict, the original inhibitors of the world emerged and soon returned in full force. Being stuck between life and death, these beings were called Wraiths. To stand up against this powerful enemy and protect the Perfect World, the three races will have to unite over their differences. It’s a violent and miserable time in history, but these wars need to be fought to protect our world from the wraiths.

A Perfect World International

A Perfect World International is a free MMORPG from a Beijing games developer. Many different versions have hit the public over time, but an international client – more specifically aimed at American gamers – has been released relatively recently.


The game, set in the Perfect World, mainly handles character leveling through quests. A lot of side quests are available, but there’s also a main quest, which plays a role in further character development by unlocking new skills.

These skills are specific to class (a.k.a. profession) and can range from temporal upgrades of your abilities to new, permanent “˜skills’. It’s only with the skills that you can really begin to explore a character’s possibilities.


Players can choose four different crafting skills, to make in-game items. Blacksmithing allows you to create weapons, tailoring to create armor, crafting to create jewelry and apothecary to create potions.

Special Features

Pet mounts can be acquired in the game, to move (run or fly) a lot quicker along the map. Mounts range from leopards, raptors, and even flying creatures. Having a mount in the game gives one a major advantage over other players. Mounts can be acquired during quests, or purchased in the in-game store.


One of the most unique features of the game are the territory wars, where opposing guilds fight in huge numbers to claim the right of the land. With up to eighty players on each side, this creates an insane PvP experience.

Character customization is incredibly extensive in A Perfect World. Players are permitted to tweak the tiniest detail of their character, as well as choose from a big collection of clothing. The game really gives all means to personalize your character, and no two characters will look entirely the same.

Have you played A Perfect World International yet? If you have, tell us what you think of the game in the comments section below!

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