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A Great Free Online Alarm Clock - MetaClock metaHeadWhat do you use to wake your self up in the morning?

I was looking at Google Analytics reports and have noticed a lot of people searching around for a simple cross-platform, free Online alarm clock that they could use to wake themselves up. This would be something that is not installed but runs through a web browser giving it the cross platform ability. When looking for a free Online Alarm Clock, I needed a few features.

First and foremost, obviously, is the ability to wake me up. It should allow me to choose a tone and pop up a website so I can check the weather before I get dressed. It looks like I found the program I was looking for on the first try.

In addition to those meager features I was looking for it also threw this tip at me – forgo the alarm noise and wake yourself up to a youTube video – this is awesome!

Let’s take a look at MetaClock. Let’s navigate on over to their website and see what it is all about.

free online alarm clock


To set your alarm, first you need to tell MetaClock what time you want to wake up.

free online alarm clock

Next up you will need to select a tune to play – if you are going to utilize a YouTube video to wake you up you can uncheck the check box next to the “With the tune” drop down box.


Here is where I get to put in my weather website as well as a youTube video. You do NEED to make sure pop-ups are enabled for this web site and if you are having problems with that simply click the “How?” link next to ‘Make sure your browser supports pop-ups’. Then list your urls in the standard format one on each line.

online alarm

You can also choose to show random did you know facts, today in history and a countdown on your browser letting you know how much time is left until your alarm is activated and your websites are popped open.


The count down timer looks like this:


If you are using FireFox you will need to leave this countdown window on top of all your windows. It needs to have focus to launch the alarm music or spawn your pop up windows. So if you are using FireFox make sure you do this or your wake up will be converted into an epic fail”¦

online alarm

You can see the YouTube video I choose to wake me up”¦ Just for a good laugh

How do you wake up in the morning? Do you use a standard alarm clock? Do you have a geeky free, online alarm clock or some out of this world method for getting your lazy ass out of bed? If you do we would love to hear about it from you – simply leave a comment in the space provided below and we will be sure to add our witty banter to your comments!

And if you missed that url it is

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