A Conceptual Facebook Design That Gives Control Back To The User

Wouldn’t it be nice if Facebook actually allowed you to organise the way you view updates? Art director and designer Fred Nerby from Brisbane, Australia came up with this rather impressive Facebook concept layout based on responsive grids.

Do you like it?

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Visually nice – yes. Rather impressive? Not really. Intuitive and functional – not at all.
News view is confusing as hell – you wouldn’t know which text goes with which photo/avatar.
Rest of the screens would look nice on a vertical layout on a tablet perhaps, but on a huge monitor with 1920pix resolution they would look awful, especially profile page & wall. Those posts that go all the way to the end of the screen with text in 1 row and lots of empty, unused space make the entire page look like a cheap forum.



Anything is better than the current Facebook layout. Although, its been marginally better since they added the timeline. All they need to do is get rid of the hateful page loading of data as you are scrolling.

On any website this is bad. Its really annoying having data load as you are scrolling as the page jumps. Its supposed to save on bandwidth, but its crap.


Bumferry H

That looks really nice. The colour scheme alone gives a nice clean look.
This is how I would like G+ to look.
Currently there is too much white space and both Google plus and FB have far too much unused space or allowance for personalisation on the timeline features.


Chad F

Look much better than the current layout.



Wasn’t this in the spotlight over a year ago?


This is kind of old (well in terms of the internet that is) it was posted on Behance in January (2013).



I would vote for ANY layout that lets me select a REAL chronological view instead of having to filter through what Facebook deems to be ‘top stories”. smh


Howard B

Oh, that’s just what we need, a Metro redesign for Facebook.


Honyin K

A little too noisy and probably take a long time to load the page. One advice.. don’t forget the KISS concept..


SanJay KV

google plus already has this design …. i quit facebook long back, cant switch back.


marcel lemieux

I think we will not get a choice..for a while now all changes on socials sites are imposed..so all we can do is adapt..


Dridha P

it’s really nice look…but how will I update of this look in my facebook account please suggest me …. I want to update just now so give me idea please


It’s just a concept, dude.



This looks better than what exists. I love flat design. Now if only ebay would redo their site.


Prashant S

yes definitely want this, much better if this interface is made for tablets and touchscreen notebooks.



it’ll never catch on with FB – there are no ads!


Jeremy G

Too much like Metro, or the Idiocracy console. I much prefer detail and text to space and fancy imagery. The current format does ok and the addon Social Fixer allows me to pick and tweak the design just enough to make it functional.


Steven G

I think the change would be great but more like Myspace and possibly a Facebook Killer


Chetan C

Looks Good!


Druv V

Looks like the Metro interface. And dark background with accent colours are way better than the current view. Its a definite yes for easy reading.



Looks like an interface for a tablet app.


Angela Alcorn

That’s really sleek. I’d love to give it a go – maybe as a browser extension..


Jitendra A

This is way cool and a much smarter interface!


Milinda L

That is grate. very attractive look in the FaceBook

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