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99Polls offers easy and interactive web polls for your website. Registration is fast and requires only your email ID. Once inside, you can create a poll and get poll code in 1-2 minutes. Copy’n paste this code onto the webpage where you want to show your poll, save it, and done. Fast and simple. Next time you want to run a quick poll among your visitors make sure to give it a try.

99Polls - Free web polls for your website

99Polls Features

  • Track, manage and edit created polls online.
  • No word on the max. number of polls users allowed to create.
  • Polls can include upto 9 possible answers.
  • Style polls using different visual themes. You can also create your own theme.
  • Option to activate / deactivate polls at any time.
  • Make polls public (available to everyone) or private (avl. only to people you share it with).
  • Organize polls using tags.
  • Share polls with others by embedding them on your website (see below) or social networking profile.

[Demo] Embed polls on your website

Flash Polls

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