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conspiracy theory websitesAnyone that knows me well knows that I love a good conspiracy theory. However, my view on most theories is that 99% of the ones you find on the Internet are absolute, total bunk produced by people that should be seeking out counseling rather than distributing their delusional ramblings across the Internet.

My real interest comes from the 1% – those fascinating stories backed up with solid documentation, conclusive evidence, and enough proof to make even the most hard-nosed skeptic sit up and take notice.

That’s one reason I loved Saikat’s article last week on 5 great websites for skeptics 5 Websites For The Skeptics On Myths, Urban Legends, & False Beliefs 5 Websites For The Skeptics On Myths, Urban Legends, & False Beliefs Call them hoaxes, beliefs, gossip, scams, or urban legends…at one time or the other you have come across them. The seekers of the truth head to the grand oracle which goes by the name Google... Read More , covering such great hoax-busting, fact-checking websites as MythBusters and the Skeptic’s Dictionary. I was a little bit put off by the fast that my buddy Saikat failed to mention my humble site Top Secret Writers – but then again, it is still a very small site and has a long way to go before making any “top 5” lists.

Then, Saikat’s list got me thinking. Isn’t it crazy how few skeptic, fact-checking sites there are out there, yet there is such an abundance of crazy, poorly-researched conspiracy theory garbage websites ? I know that in my travels I’ve come across them often enough, and have blacklisted a fair number of them as online homes for people that are completely out in la-la land.

I’ve decided to share a few of my top selections of the weirdest conspiracy theory sites out there, with users or bloggers that do a terrible job fact-checking their loony-theories against reality. I offer these so that if you are also interested in those 1% of true stories out there, you can blacklist these sites from your travels and research as well.

8 Most Loony Conspiracy Theory Sites

The irony is that when I first started looking into conspiracy theories, like many people that are new to the field, I got sucked in by some of these conspiracy theory websites. The theories are so captivating and so fascinating, that it’s easy to get sucked into the various rabbit holes that they fabricate.


However, once you start dedicating some time to double-checking facts and really doing some honest-to-goodness research, you’ll quickly find that these sites fall short when it comes to matching theories with reality. In many cases, it doesn’t really take any research at all to see that the people doing the writing are completely off the wall.

The Nibiruan Council

It won’t take much of an introduction to the “Nibiruan Council” for you to understand why I added this one to the very top of the list of very odd fringe sites. The website is the front, public page that represents a group of people – seemingly sane adults, mind you – that believe they are “connected” to the people of the planet Nibiru and their ancient ancestors.

conspiracy theory websites

Through “channeling”, Jelaila Starr feeds “messages” from the Nibiruan Council (who, I must remind you, are sitting in their Council chambers on Planet Nibiru) to the members of this strange cult-like organization.

For members that can’t get enough of the online channeled messages from Jelaila, you can also order the CD instruction set on DNA recoding for only $149.40, and you can even purchase a colon cleanse package for $52.45. Ew…

Alien Nation – The Watcher Files

I have to admit that even though I know Sherry Shriner over at Alien Nation – the Watcher Files has completely lost her marbles, I absolutely love reading her writings on this website.

The writings at this site are a surreal mixture of bible-study and UFO-alien beliefs.

Sherry and her fans believe that there is a Christian persecution coming as part of an Antichrist-led “rapture” of sorts, and that the demons and associated anti-christ mentioned in the bible are actually what Ufo-believers today might recognize as the extra-terrestrial beings that have been harassing humanity for centuries.


conspiracy theory

The site partakes in the wacky David Icke-style “Reptilian” theories (where a reptilian alien race co-exists with humans) where these beings are planning a future war against humanity. The fascinating part is just how well the authors integrate biblical passages and legends with the modern-day belief in UFOs and aliens, bringing the two legends together like no one else has done before. It’s mind-numbing, so I would suggest only visiting the site for under 30 minutes at a time.

Galactic Messages

A similar site as The Watcher Files is Galactic Messages. Of course, these folks take a slightly different angle – they are convinced that the channeled messages received from these “entities” are actually angels, or “beings of light” that are there to guide the human race into an enlightened state of existence.

conspiracy theory

On this site, you can read these allegedly “channeled” messages from all sorts of beings, including ones named Manik Dratzo, SaluSa, and even the Archangel Michael!

And wouldn’t you know it – even Archangel Michael has political opinions. In one 2012 channeling he told channeler Steve Beckow:

“But also know that in many ways, your President … or your American President … Barack Obama, is being regritted (refitted??) and filled up. So you may look to him in the future for more support as well.”

Man, can you imagine how cool it must be to have the political backing of Archangel Michael?

Simion the Evolutionary Collective

If channeled conspiracy theories like that are your flavor, then you really should check out Simion the Evolutionary Collective.

Strange title, isn’t it? Apparently a woman by the name of Jill Mara believes that she is channeling “light beings” that want to help you, the reader, ascend into a “spiritual awakening of life’s purpose”. The collective of light beings is called “Simion.”

conspiracy theory

As is usually the case with sites like this that offer so-called “predictions” the information about the coming year is vague, generic, and so wide in scope as to cover any single event that turns up in the news. Anyway, if these revelations are your thing, you can always buy a signed copy of Jill’s book for $16.95 – and it even comes with a free audio CD of a Simion channeling (that must be a total riot to listen to).

The Star Children

If you thought the people above that channel with beings from planet Nibiru is creepy, you haven’t seen anything yet. Welcome to the world of the “Star Children” – yet another channeling-based site made by a guy named Daniel Jacob.

conspiracy sites

Daniel Jacob defines a “Star Child” as “someone who was carried in through the Kahoutek-Hale-Bopp Energy Stream.” He believes that Jesus Christ was one, and further believes that children born from 1973 through 1988 received this energy “upgrade” from Hale-Bopp, and he is on a quest to find them. It is unclear who or what he believes he is channeling…apparently the collective Star Children group?

It is uncertain whether Jacob’s version of Star Kids is the same as the Star Children invented by yet another weirdo by the name of Dr. Richard Boylan. Maybe one of them needs to copyright the phrase so we can get this confusion straightened out.

Zeta Talk – The Land of Weirdness

Yet another channeling site is Zeta Talk – with messages from the aliens passed through the Earthly “emissary” named Nancy.

This is another one for the conspiracy-minded, because those informative Zetas tell readers all about cool things like the upcoming Pole Shift of the planet Earth, government hidden secrets, hybrid beings developed from Zetans and Humans, and much more.

conspiracy sites

I think even the most creative writer couldn’t make up this stuff even if they tried. Apparently Nancy herself claims to have taken part in the “hybrid program” and met a hybrid child. Evidence of all of this? Well, her channeled messages of course.

The Cassiopaean Experiment

It appears that there is an abundance of invisible beings floating around just dying to get in touch with people, because yet another woman by the name of Laura Knight-Jadczyk believes that she has been channeling with the future human race since 1994. She has called this source, “Cassiopaea”.

conspiracy sites

Laura promises to share the “knowledge of the truth nature of reality” provided by the future us, and hopes to discredit the false promises of modern religion. Laura has a tendency to label anyone that speaks out against her as a massive counter-intelligence operation, which she happily refers to in her blogs and forums as COINTELPRO. Crazy stuff.

Project Camelot and Project Avalon

A guy from the UK by the name of Bill Ryan got his start in the world of conspiracy theories and Ufology when he picked up on a hoax called Serpo back in 2005. With the help of Bill Ryan, the story got some legs and screamed throughout the conspiracy-theory community, until it was eventually completely debunked by a long line of skeptic researchers.

That didn’t stop Bill, of course. He went on to launch Project Camelot, where he and Kerry Cassidy proceed to interview a wide range of folks without performing an ounce of research. They discuss these and other topics at their forum Project Avolon.

conspiracy theory websites

They’ve helped to promote numerous fraudulent claims, such as John Lear’s claims of Alien structures on the moon, Boris Kipriyanovich – a Russian kid that claimed to have memories from Mars, and even David Icke – the most insane conspiracy theorist of all time with his reptilian stories.

The world of conspiracy theories is odd by its very nature. Unfortunately, the overwhelming volume of outrageous sites like those listed above make it very difficult for an intelligent researcher to separate the 1% from the 99% of garbage. The one solution, of course, is to avoid all of the sites listed above, and those that are like them.

As the famous X-Files quote goes, the truth is out there. You just have to be very selective about where you look for it.

Have you ever come across any wacky conspiracy theory websites? Share your own samples, and also share any sites that you consider to be particularly valuable for researchers. Offer your thoughts in the comments section below.

Image Credit: Funny Sign of Cow Abduction via Shutterstock

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