9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

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twitterbird   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On TwitterAre you always looking for new ways to build your Twitter followers for personal use, business use, or both? New Twitter tools and sites are popping up each day, and very quickly.

So, I wanted to point out a few of the newer sites that have surfaced and are very useful in helping you find people to follow on Twitter.


Twitterel is a great way to find Twitter users with the same interests as you and is very easy to use. To get started you’ll need to enter your Twitter username and password. Once you do that, you can enter keywords based on your interests in order to start finding people.

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You can even give them your email so that you will be updated whenever there might be someone new that interests you. What’s great about Twitterel is that you can follow people that you find right from their site, without having to open up a new page to go to Twitter to follow them.


citytweets   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

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“The CityTweets Network is made up of individual pages that track (near) real-time Twitter activity for individual cities, listing Tweets from and about that area.”

CityTweets is still pretty new so there are not a lot of cities listed but it’s extremely easy to request a CityTweets page for your city.

Personally I don’t know too many people from my area who actually use Twitter, so I feel that CityTweets can really be beneficial once it’s really built up. I’d love to be able to tweet to others in my area about how boring it is! Also, it could be a great way to organize a local Tweet Up.


justtweetit   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

Just Tweet It is not only a directory for Twitter users but they’re THE directory for Twitter users!  Since the directory is organized by category, it’s the perfect way to find other Twitter users like you and with the same interests.

What I love most about Just Tweet It is that they have quite a few feature spots on their homepage. There’s a spot for a Featured Tweeter, Newest Tweeters, Recent Blog Posts, and Latest News & Links. You also have the option to add your own name to the directory so that you can get found by other Twitter users like yourself.

Twitter Adder

Twitter Adder is pretty much like one of the hundreds of MySpace Adders they have on the internet. You enter your Twitter username and password and then they will add 20 random friends for you. Now, I’m not sure if Twitter Adder is a good thing or a bad thing but it’s not my style. I like to pick and choose who I follow to make sure we have at least a little something in common. I’m not sure if adding random people is such a good idea. What do you think?


az8 bor rou sha   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

Twannabe is a little different in that it lets you see who your “Twitter hero” is following (that you’re not following) so that you can then in turn follow them. I guess it’s nice if there’s someone on Twitter that you really want to be like; hopefully the people that they follow will interest you as well.

You’ll need to enter your Twitter username and password along with the username of your “Twitter hero” and then the magic begins. Next to each person in the list is a follow button but, unlike Twitterel (above), it opens up a new page to the users Twitter profile and you have to follow them from there.


monitter 1   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

Monitter was covered here on Make Use Of already a few months back and I really feel that it’s a great tracking tool for finding new people to follow. You can monitor numerous keywords at a time, kind of like Twitterel (above).

The difference with Monitter is that everything is updated in real-time. So, you can see new tweets as they are posted. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the best tools out there for monitoring what’s being talked about on Twitter.

Twitter Search

twittersearch   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

Many people already know and use Twitter Search on a regular basis; I practically live on this site. Twitter Search is another great way to find out what’s being talked about on Twitter. I use it all the time to find others who are tweeting about things that I’m interested in.

Though it’s not updated in real-time, it does let you know when there is a new tweet about what you’re searching for along with the amount of new tweets that have been added. If you have Greasemonkey installed though, there is a great userscript that will allow Twitter Search to auto-refresh so that you won’t have to keep refreshing it manually.


twubblemain   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

“Twubble can help expand your Twitter bubble – it searches your friend graph and picks out people who you may like to follow.”

Twubble has actually been around for awhile but I still feel it deserves to be on this list just because of how easy and useful it is. You can follow users straight from the Twubble site – in one click. Twubble also adds a Google icon next to each user which allows you to Google them (opens in a new page).


gyj bor rou sha   9 Useful Sites For Finding People To Follow On Twitter

Follow Cost is fairly new and adds a little twist; it shows you how annoying it would be to follow someone on Twitter. I think Follow Cost works best in conjunction with one of the above mentioned sites.

Once you find someone you’re interested in following, you can check them out here to make sure they’re not a “Nuclear Follow Cost” (which is not good by the way). You’ll see the Average Updates per day and Last 100 Updates per day for them. This info can then help you to make an educated decision on whether you’d like to follow that user or not.

Which sites or tools do you use to find new people to follow on Twitter? Which one is your favorite? Which one have you found the most useful?

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Really should have mentioned twellow.com you know… And city tweets looks pretty awful.

Charnita Fance

Hi Zee, I didn’t mention Twellow because it has been around for awhile and most people already know about it; I was trying to point out newer, less well-known sites. City Tweets is still new as I mentioned so, yes I agree that it’s not the best.


Andy Merchant

Another possible one for your list might be Twitter Local twitterlocal.net/


David Stery

You might also be interested in Tweet Scan’s now active User Search. The idea is to offer what Twitter turned off but to also extend it across more sites as well. Find People at Tweet Scan


Never used Tweetscan’s user search, but when it come to searching Twitter in general it’s my favorite.

David Stery

Thanks Aibek. Our user search is in fledgling stages but you can already find lots of people quite easily there. It searches beginnings of usernames as well as bio and location fields. If you have any suggestions, I’m all ears.



What is the tool that allows you to see all the people you’re following who aren’t following you (and those following you that you aren’t following)?

Charnita Fance

There’s Less Friends [ lessfriends.com/ ] and FriendOrFollow [ friendorfollow.com/ ].


Mark S. Luckie

There’s also http://www.mrtweet.net which I’ve found to be the most thorough


Paul Kinlan


There is also twollo.com, auto follow based on your interests.

It is very popular.

Kind Regards,
Paul Kinlan



Tweetrs.com is another good resource for finding people to follow on twitter.


Interesting Blog

thanks for the useful list! welcome to the world of twitter.


Patrick Collins

Another cool application is tweet spinner as it lets me auto-follow not just by keywords but also by location (for example, find all people tweeting about “salmon” in Portland, Oregon). Does neat things with “dynamic tweets” too.


Twitter Tip

There are several twitter friend adder promotion tools, but are they ethic?
An example is tweet-adder.com but I don’t know if I’ll use it…



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Otavio Ferreira

Hello. I’ve developed an application called find2follow. It’s a minimalistic approach to finding people to follow on Twitter. No sign-in, no sign-up, no Twitter password required. It also has an anti-celebrity filter :-) Check this out: find2follow.com



I’m actually glad that Zee mentioned Twello, what an EXCELLENT site. I’m new to this, and your article was the 3rd that came up regarding finding sites that help with narrowing down people to find who share the same interests as you do, etc.

I didn’t like how TwitterAdder ended up in the end. It was under my impression that once you’ve downloaded their Demo that your only allowed to follow 200 people a day, but they only give you their Demo for two or three days, and then they lock you out, and you can’t follow anymore, unless you pay, which I find ridiculous. So, after I’ve tried those 9 sites that you suggested, only Twellow has actually been as user-friendly, those 9 sites were not very user friendly, but I’m still glad that you did your article because at least other people were able to weigh in other sites that I was able to try. YAY for Twellow! LOL!

JustTweetIt was good, too, but clicking on every page to open into a new window gets redundant. Twellow has it where you can click “follow” without it opening into another window. I’ll definitely check up on the other sites that the other folks chimed in about.



Chris Hughes

Zee, twellow.com is definitely up there on my list as well.

With twitter.search we’ve got to remember the “Advanced Search” option as well! The advanced search allows us to do a ton more than just the regular so everyone should at least try it :)

Great post!

-Chris Hughes



Is there a search engine that shows newest accounts that signed up in the past 7-14 days?



Amazing how many ways there are to slice the same pie. Ck out Twiangulate, which lets you input two or three people, then sort and filter the resulting cross-sections of people they follow.


Brian Sam-Bodden

Try fivetofollow.com it intelligently finds users to follow based on a search query.



i dont think this helped





One more tool to consider to use is http://www.findtwittertofollow.com. Shows user profiles which are shared among your friends.

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