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Paypal Tools PayPal is by far the most popular payment method on the internet (over 155 mil. accounts) and used by over 100.000 online merchants, according to PayPal. So if you haven’t registered yet, IT’S TIME. Below I listed some services to add to your PayPal experience.

PayPal Plugin (US only) – The ultimate protection for your PayPal account. And here is how it works: when you want to purchase something and are asked to fill-in credit card details, instead of giving your real card details, you can use the plugin to generate a secure single-use MasterCard number that debits from your PayPal account. And since the card is valid for only one purchase your info always remains secure.

PayPal Mobile (US, UK only) – Check your account balance, send money, request money, pay for eBay auctions and contact Paypal support team directly from your mobile phone. All the above features can be used in several ways, via mobile website (, using text messaging or through automated phone support.

Access Paypal from Mobile

Paypal Debit Card – The fastest way to get money out of your PayPal account. You can use it pretty much anywhere where MasterCard is accepted (ATMs, Restaurants, Gas stations etc.).


  • Have US PayPal Business or Premier account.
  • Must be PayPal member for at least 60 days.
  • Is a verified PayPal member
  • Be active PayPal member with account in good standing.

PayPal Facebook App – There are two things you can do with this app. (1) It offers a simple way for other to pay you back. (2) You can also use to raise funds from friends for all kind of events such as parties, birthday gifts etc.

Paypal- Facebook App

PPcalc – Having trouble figuring out Paypal fees? This online PayPal fee calculator lets you quickly calculate how much you need to charge to get the amount you’re looking for. Similarly you can also use it to calculate how much you will be charged for an incoming payment.

PPCalc - Online PayPal Fee Calculator

FatFreeCart – Free shopping cart for your website. It’s very simple to implement (simply copy-paste) and supports both PayPal and Google Checkout. No registration required, simply fill in the details and let FatFreeCart generate the code. Copy and paste the code onto your website and you got your own shopping cart. Actually, PayPal has its own cart creator but unlike FatFreeCart it doesn’t work with Google Checkout and is available to only Prremier and Business accounts.

PPCalc - Online PayPal Fee Calculator

Send Money to Skype contacts – In case you don’t know, now Skype allows you to send funds to your contacts.

Send Money to Your Skype Contacts

Paypal Payment Request for Outlook – Using this Outlook addon you can request money from anyone with an email address. In particular, it lets you add Pay Now, Buy Now, Donate, Subscribe and Tip Jar buttons to your emails.

PayPalSucks – So far it’s been all good, but what about the negative sides of PayPal. PayPal Sucks is all about that. Here you can post and discuss your PayPal compaints (i.e. frozen accounts), see complaints from others, read about fraud stories, lawsuits, and pretty much everything that is wrong with PayPal.

PayPal complaints

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