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App lists are a dime a dozen. Most of the time, you go through them and realize that there’s nothing new for you. Doesn’t it seem like everyone is always parroting the same apps as everyone else? If so, we’ve got a surprise for you.

We’ve gone through and compiled a list — based on personal experience and user recommendations — of excellent Android apps that most people have never heard of. Just to be sure, we’ve limited the list to apps with fewer than 500,000 installs only. A fair number when you consider the Play Store’s global reach.

We’re confident that you haven’t heard of at least half of these apps, but what’s even better is that these apps will change your life. That’s how useful they are. If you don’t believe us, keep reading!

Wakie (Free)


Sometimes you want to talk to someone but there’s no one in your life who you feel comfortable talking to. This is true of people who suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts 7 Online Resources To Help Those Who Are Depressed & Suicidal 7 Online Resources To Help Those Who Are Depressed & Suicidal Even though I am the Managing Editor of MakeUseOf, I have a huge disability in my life which is clinical depression. It started back in 2002, as a depression related to stress in my job,... Read More , but it’s just as true of people who want an impartial third-party’s opinion or advice.

Or maybe you’re just bored and interested in chatting with strangers. That’s perfectly fine, too.


Wakie is the quickest way to find a chat partner for any kind of topic. All you have to do is pose a question and set a time, then someone from the Wakie community will call you at that time. That person could be from the United Kingdom, Brazil, or Morocco.

One neat way to use this app is to use it as a wake-up alarm. Someone will call you at the time you’ve set and the ensuing conversation, which can be as brief as a few seconds, will surely get your mind going.

RunPee (Free)


Imagine this: you’re watching a movie at the theater Cinema Is Dying: How Movie Theaters Can Ensure Their Survival Cinema Is Dying: How Movie Theaters Can Ensure Their Survival Movie theaters need to offer more than just a way of watching the latest films. They need to stop competing on "convenience" and start focusing on "experience." Here's how. Read More when, all of a sudden, nature calls. Your bladder is full and you need to relieve yourself, but you’re afraid that you’ll miss out on an important scene if you head to the restroom.

It’s a dilemma that we’ve all faced, I’m sure, but the good news is that there’s a clean and spoiler-free solution that you can carry around in your pocket for free.

RunPee is an app that let’s you select a title to see which portions of the movie are “skippable”, allowing you to run and relieve yourself (or go buy more snacks at the concession stand) without missing anything important. That being said, RunPee will summarize what you missed so you stay in the loop.

The database is updated as films are released, so it might not be as useful if you tend to watch movies as they debut. But if you wait a day or two, RunPee will work just fine.

SafeTrek ($3/month)


If you frequently travel through areas that make you feel unsafe, you must install SafeTrek. It will put you at ease, knowing that even if you are threatened or kidnapped, police will be dispatched even if you can’t dial an emergency number.

Here’s how it works: whenever you’re in an unsafe situation, you hold down the SafeTrek button (which shows on the device’s screen). When you feel safe again, you let go and input your unique 4-digit PIN and go about your merry way.

But if you let go and fail to enter the PIN, local police will be notified and dispatched to your location.

FastCustomer (Free)


FastCustomer is a convenience tool for those who hate being put on hold when trying to connect with customer service — and I assume that includes all of us. This app bypasses all of that in a clever way.

It works like this: you tell FastCustomer which company you want to call and which department you want to connect with (e.g. billing). FastCustomer will handle all of that and wait on your behalf. When the next agent is available, FastCustomer will call you, and you take it from there.

It’s incredibly useful and will save you a lot of time. FastCustomer currently supports over 3,000 companies throughout the United States and Canada.

Tab (Free)


Going out to eat dinner with friends is always a treat, but tensions can arise when it comes time to split the bill. Who ordered what? How much tip and tax is everyone contributing? Or is it just easier to split the bill evenly between everyone?

With Tab, you won’t have to worry about any of that ever again.

All you have to do is take a photo of the bill and itemize everything that everyone ordered. If multiple people have the Tab app, they can do it individually and Tab will keep everyone in sync with each other. Individual items can be split between multiple people too, in cases of sharing and such.

Then, tax and tip are split proportionally based on how much each person spent in relation to everyone else. Easy, right? The only downside is that Tab is only available in the United States for now, though they do have plans to expand in the future.

SplitWise (Free)


If you live with roommates, you know how troublesome it can be to split bills and household supplies. Splitwise is the perfect tool for handling all of that. Not only does it keep everything fair, but it relieves some of the tension that can come from bill-nagging and such.

Not only does it split up financial responsibilities, Splitwise can also be used to track debts amongst each other. If you paid for everyone’s lunch and expect reimbursement, Splitwise tracks it. No longer will you have to deal with unnecessary accounting.

Happier (Free)


There are many factors that can help you become a happier person, such as refreshing your morning routine 5 Ways to Refresh Your Morning Routine and Be Happier 5 Ways to Refresh Your Morning Routine and Be Happier The first hour of the day dictates how the remaining 23 will go. Take control of your day by taking control of your morning and become a happier you. Read More and learning to be more generous How Generosity Can Benefit You In 2015 How Generosity Can Benefit You In 2015 If you really want to improve yourself, consider making a habit of giving away your time and money regularly. It's not intuitive, but it will probably pay off. Read More , but one particularly effective method is to keep a gratitude journal How To Be Happy In Five Minutes A Day How To Be Happy In Five Minutes A Day Psychology has started to shed light on how to make yourself happier. New products and apps are using these findings. One of these promises to make you happier in just five minutes a day. Read More . It’s called Positive Psychology, and, surprisingly, it works.

That’s the basis behind Happier, the app that combines the concept of a gratitude journal with community, resulting in an easy way to simultaneously exercise your thankfulness and bring smiles to the faces of others.

It’s simple: every day, keep track of the happy moments in your life no matter how small or insignificant they might seem. It won’t take long for you to actually begin wearing a happier state of mind.

Countable (Free)

Countable is the app for those who don’t have the time, energy, or desire to be involved in politics. Want to make a difference in your country without leaving the comfort of your home? With this app, you can.

For obvious reasons, Countable is only for the United States.

Countable provides summaries of the latest bills and issues that come through Congress (both House and Senate). These summaries include arguments for and against said bills, along with legislation costs and how these bills personally affect you.

Not sure where your representatives stand? Countable gives you side-by-side comparisons between your representatives and yourself. If you want to keep your representatives accountable, you can even send them emails through the app.

Political involvement has never been easier. Get this app!

Pzizz (Free)

Some people are skeptical about apps that claim to help you sleep better Can An App Really Help You Sleep Better? Can An App Really Help You Sleep Better? I've always been a bit of a sleep experimenter, having for much of my life kept a meticulous dream diary and studied as much as I could about sleeping in the process. There are a... Read More , but Pzizz is one that actually works for a lot of folks. You might still be skeptical, but I urge you to give it a try. There’s a good chance it’ll help you fall asleep faster and get better quality sleep.

The trick to Pzizz is that it generates a slightly different — but different all the same — soundtrack every time you use it. This prevents your brain from “getting used to” the guided relaxation audio, thus keeping it effective no matter how often you use it.

Soundtrack generation can be configured to your liking, and time durations can be adjusted as well. Use it for an 8-hour overnight slumber or for a 15-minute power nap; it will help either way.

Share Your Hidden Gem Apps

With millions of apps on the Play Store, it’s hard to find ones that are awesome yet still undiscovered — but we know they’re out there, and we need your help to find them.

Did these apps change your life? What other lesser-known Android apps are out there? If you know of any hidden gems, let us know in the comments below!

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