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Did you know that besides the obvious productivity apps and fun games, the iOS App Store features a large amount of applications tailor-made for high school students? Everyone’s favorite smartphones and tablets can be used for more than just fueling your addiction to Candy Crush and Angry Birds.

August is here, and for most high school students, that means summer vacation is rapidly coming to a close. Sadly, it’s time to stop thinking purely of fun and start getting ready to focus on education. High school is arguably one of the most important parts of a student’s educational career, as it will likely determine where, and if, they continue on to higher education.

With that in mind, any edge a student can get is critical, and that is where these incredibly useful applications can be truly amazing.


For many high school students, math can be a real sticking point. Some students breeze right through it but, at least for me, math was where I struggled the most. The apps that follow will do a great job of assisting students while helping them get a better grasp of the subject matter.

Algebra Touch ($2.99)


Algebra is one of the first forms of math students will encounter on their high school voyage, and it can be an utter pain in the rear. This app uses a simple touch interface where students can drag to rearrange, draw a line to eliminate, and so on. It’s a great way to practice without wasting reams of paper.


Wolfram Alpha ($2.99)


For solving math formulas, Wolfram Alpha Become a Wolfram Alpha Expert With These Useful Search Techniques Become a Wolfram Alpha Expert With These Useful Search Techniques Wolfram Alpha. For anyone that has never used it or heard of it, it sounds like the name of one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. For people familiar with it, it's like having access... Read More is king. However, there is an important thing to note: it’s easy to use it to cheat, because it will solve formulas for you. Don’t fall into this trap, as the idea is to use it to learn and get help with problems. As long as you do this, the potential within this application is like nothing else on the App Store. There’s even a handy Step-by-step solution button to help you check your working.

Quick Graph (Free)


Graphing calculators Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 - An Advanced Calculator Tool That Students Love Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 - An Advanced Calculator Tool That Students Love Read More are expensive. Since you’ve already spent all the money on an iOS device, why not let it serve that purpose. This free application is a great way to solve those difficult problems that require a scientific or graphing calculator. It’s easy to use, and functions just as well as the real thing. And just like a good ol’ Ti-83, you can even play games (well not in the app, but there are a multitude of games on the App Store).


During the years of a high school student’s career, they will study the different kinds of sciences. Some they may pick up easily, and some may require some more effort. Just like other subjects, studying science with the help of these iOS applications can make all the difference.

Quick Periodic Table of the Elements (Free)


Everyone loves memorizing things, and the periodic table ChemReference: Your Internet-Based Chemistry Companion ChemReference: Your Internet-Based Chemistry Companion Read More is one of the most fun things we have to drill into our brains during school. Okay, sarcasm aside, this awesome little free app is a great way to learn about the different elements, and it can be useful for simply studying them, and getting them into your brain for that big exam. It won’t be an easy task, but this app will certainly make it slightly more pleasant.

Star Walk ($2.99)


Personally, astronomy was always my favorite science, as there are so many fascinating things to learn. Star Walk is an awesome application for making space come to life. It makes learning fun, which in turn might make students forget they are learning at all.

Wolfram Alpha Science Apps (Priced individually)


Wolfram Alpha, which we mentioned in the math section, actually has a ton of apps tailored to specific subjects, many of which are science based. The link above shows all of the different apps available, and each is an excellent resource to have for high school students struggling in a particular field.

Foreign Language

Many schools will require students to learn a foreign language How To Use Chrome To Learn A Foreign Language While Browsing The Web How To Use Chrome To Learn A Foreign Language While Browsing The Web One of the more natural ways to learn anything is to immerse oneself in that environment. In fact, if you stay in a foreign country for any length of time, you naturally pick up some... Read More . No matter how you do it, learning another language is going to require a lot of work and studying. Thankfully, you can study and learn anywhere you go with the help of some useful iOS apps. Check them out.

Rosetta Stone Apps (Free, membership required)


Rosetta Stone is the go-to method for people who want make learning a language a little easier. Their mobile apps do require an expensive purchase of one of their main packages, but that also gives you access on a wide range of other platforms. If you really want to learn the language, and the methods of the teacher are not getting it done, Rosetta Stone can be a great option.

Duolingo (Free)


Duolingo Learn A Language And Translate For Practice With Duolingo (Now Open To All!) Learn A Language And Translate For Practice With Duolingo (Now Open To All!) The internet has given us some fantastic tools for language learning, and Duolingo is the latest site to give it a go. It's just come out of closed beta and is now available for everyone... Read More is a great way to practice learning a language for free. It features Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, and English, and it makes everything you need to do feel like fun and not work. It’s not quite as robust as Rosetta Stone, but for a high school student who just wants some extra practice on the language with which they are struggling, this will do the job perfectly.

iTranslate (Free)


iTranslate is a simple application made to translate a word or phrase from one language to another. This might come in handy for students who just can’t remember certain vocabulary or verb forms during their studies. It also lets students translate using voice, which can be a little quicker and easier.

Back in School

No matter which subject a student needs help with, these applications are made to help. Studying is always going to be hard work, with or without mobile applications, but these can help streamline the process a great deal.

What apps do you recommend for high school students? Have you tried the apps listed above? Hit the comments section below and let us know!

Image Credit: Studying Up (Steve McFarland)

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