9 Action-Packed Comic Book Subreddits You Have To Check Out

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comic book subredditReddit is the best place for trivia about any topic, and comic books are no different! Right on Reddit are several communities devoted to nearly all of your favorite comic book superheroes. Best of all, these communities are mostly active, and that means there are people lurking about who love talking about your favorite comic book characters just as much as you do.

Below, we have nine subreddits devoted to these costumed heroes, and hopefully, you’ll find something that you like. As always, these subreddits are meant for building discussion and perhaps even enhancing your knowledge about the topics that they surround. BAM! BANG! POW! Here we go, MUO. Let’s open up the first page…


comic book subreddit

The Caped Crusader… The Dark Knight… Yes, he has his very own subreddit, and it’s an active one, too. This is a great place for discussion about the Batman’s past, present, and future (such as the upcoming reboot). As a note, this is a great place for those of you trying to get a better understanding of the character, and as a bonus, there’s a r/Joker subreddit as well.


comic subreddit

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I couldn’t let this article get away without mentioning r/Avengers! Here, you’ll get all the information you need on the original Avengers. Here, you’ll find tons of pop culture references, fan art, and news about the Avengers. Furthermore, there’s plenty of trivia on your favorite iron-clad, godlike, patriotic, and green characters. The subreddit is updated quite consistently, and the conversation is intriguing.


comic subreddit

I’m a big fan of the web-slinger myself, and I was happy when I found the Spiderman subreddit. Here, you’ll find more than just a few silly Spidey memes. The discussion of all the different Spiderman story-arcs is interesting, and the history of the character is told with each post. Furthermore, redditors submit pictures of their own costumes and creations.


comic subreddit

Although I have not read the Scott Pilgrim books and only watched the movies, I felt as though this would be worthy of adding to our list. The subreddit is rarely updated, but you’ll find a few gems here and there. Notably are a few song remixes, and in fact, there are some free iPhone wallpapers for you to choose from. Oh, and that does come in iPhone as well.


cartoon subreddit

I’m about to journey into Watchmen, so I thought this might be a good subreddit to get me prepped. The subreddit is another one that has become a little dead, but there are some finds there that are at the very least interesting. Discussion of the story is always a good place to go, and of course, fan creations pop up every now and then. I’m just wanting to know if anyone is actually watching this subreddit anymore…


cartoon subreddit

The Man of Steel has made his way to Reddit, and with his new movie coming out soon, I thought this would be a proper time to share his online  “fortress of solitude”. The subreddit is mainly devoted to Superman nostalgia, and most people discuss his history. However, there are a few unique items here and there such as fan art and discussion of the new movie. This might be a good place to check out.


cartoon subreddit

This subreddit is devoted entirely to Marvel comics, and discussion ranges from history of the comic company’s characters all the way to the business side of things. If you’re extremely interested in Marvel as a whole, I would suggest this subreddit simply because it offers a nice general overview of what all is going on over there. Oh, and there are comic book characters here, too.


Like r/Marvel, r/DCComics is home to the champions of DC Comics. Ever since the New 52, the subreddit seems to be in a buzz about what’s fresh in the comic books. Here, you’ll dive into actual discussion about what is going on in the books themselves.


comic book subreddit

This particular subreddit pretty sums up all discussion of the comic book industry! You’ll find quite a bit of information here relating to all aspects of the comic world, and of course, it doesn’t focus only on DC and Marvel. You’ll find a few other topics here (such as Dark Horse). Really, this is a place to be if you’re interested in comic books in general and really have no bias to what the topic is about.


I suppose this is the end of this issue, MUO-readers. However, I’d really like to know if you know of any other cooler, relatively unheard of comic book subreddits like the ones above.

What are your favorite comic book subreddits? Where else do you like to read up on comic book trivia?

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ahmed Fouad khalil

It is new issue for me , actually i still not understand it will, i shall try first then decide, thanks


Yudono Ra

you should read Scott Pilgrim Comics, the story is Epic.. no wait Legendary VmV
ps: the complete set and side story

Joshua Lockhart

Love the movie… Need to read the comics. Should I try out the game, too?

Yudono Ra

yes, if you love super mario games and double dragon in their old former (nintendo) glory.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAY4vNJd7A8 Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World Game Trailer (E3 2010) for intro

Yeah mash-up madness

ps: i’m not saying today mario is bad, but imagine seeing Super Mario and double dragon on early nintendo.

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