800Notes : Unlisted Phone Number Finder

Did you receive a call from unknown caller ID and the caller did not leave any message? Wandering who that was? 800Notes is a free website that can help you identify unlisted phone numbers. Simply enter the caller’s phone number and 800Notes will check if there are other people who received the call from the same number and show their comments. One of the obvious ways to make use of 800Notes would be to identify and report phone spammers.

800notes   800Notes : Unlisted Phone Number Finder


  • Find and report annoying unlisted (“name unavailable”) phone numbers.
  • Extra: news, articles and videos related to telemarketing and robo-calling.

Check out 800notes @ www.800Notes.com

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I have tested it, but it could not any info for the tested numbers. As I understood it, users can enter info about these numbers themselves.


I prefer phonespamfilter.com – it allows you to automatically block telemarketers. And i think the site is better designed.


There’s also callcatalog.com