8 Ways To Email Large Attachments

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email large attachmentsEmail was never made for large file attachments. Many email servers won’t even accept emails with attachments over 10 MB in size. To send large files via email, you’ll need to upload your email attachments to a file storage and sharing service. The email recipient will receive a link they can click to download the email attachment, allowing you to send gigabytes of attachments without clogging up inboxes and running into size limits.

There are quite a few services you can use here to email large attachments, and most of them are free. Exercise some basic caution when using these services – encrypt any sensitive files (such as financial documents) before uploading them.

Google Drive – Gmail Integration

Gmail now has the ability to attach files stored in your Google Drive to emails. If you use Google Drive on your computer, you can place a large file in your Google Drive folder and it will be automatically uploaded to your Google Drive account.

Click Insert Files using Drive link at the bottom of the compose window when sending an email to attach an already-uploaded file or upload a new file. The files you attach here won’t actually be attached to the email you send, so they won’t take up space in anyone’s email inbox. Your recipient will receive a link they can click to download the attachment from your Google Drive storage.

email large attachments

SkyDrive – Hotmail & Outlook.com Integration

Microsoft actually beat Google to this feature with its SkyDrive integration for Hotmail and Outlook.com. if you use Microsoft’s online services, the process is seamless. When you try to attach one or more files that are over 25 MB in size, Hotmail or Outlook.com will prompt you to upload the files to your SkyDrive account. The recipient will receive a link to the file instead of the file itself in their inbox.

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emails and large attachments

File Dropper – Up to 5 GB per File

File Dropper isn’t integrated with any email program, but it allows you to upload files up to 5 GB in size each. You don’t even have to create an account. You’ll receive a link to each file you upload and you can paste that link into an email to email the file to someone. Files will be deleted if they aren’t downloaded at least once every 30 days.

We loved File Dropper when we wrote about this years ago, and it’s still a great service.

emails and large attachments

WeTransfer – Quick & Easy Emailing

WeTransfer only allows you to send files up to 2 GB in size and the files are only available for two weeks. However, WeTransfer has a trick up its sleeve – it makes it easier and faster to email these files. While you have to copy-paste your File Dropper link into an email, you can specify your friends’ email addresses and your email message directly on the WeTransfer site.

There’s no sign-up process here, either – WeTransfer is a very quick way to send large files.

emails and large attachments

TransferBigFiles – More Features

TransferBigFiles offers a few more features, such as a Chrome extension that integrates with Gmail for easy uploading files. You can also protect your downloads with a password, set a custom expiry date, or get notified when the files are downloaded. You’ll need to sign up to use these features – you can use TransferBigFiles without signing up, but files will expire in 5 days.

If you don’t want to sign up, you’re better off using one of the above services.

free way to email large file attachments

DropSend – Outlook, Windows, Mac, & iPhone Integration

DropSend allows you to quickly send files without signing up, but its most unique features are its plug-in for Microsoft Outlook and the DropSend Direct desktop app, which allow you to quickly email large files from your Windows or Mac desktop. DropSend offers an iPhone app, too.

free way to email large file attachments

EmailLargeFile – Android & iPhone Apps

EmailLargeFile doesn’t offer a lot of storage space at up to 200 MB per file. Its main distinguishing features are the Android and iPhone apps it offers, allowing you to easily send large files from an Android or iOS device. If you want to email a video or another large file without transferring it to your computer first, give EmailLargeFile a go.

file transfer free for android

YouSendIt – For Businesses

YouSendIt is one of the big names in sending large files via email. After you upload a file to YouSendIt, it will automatically send a link to the file to the address you specify.

Unfortunately, the free version of YouSendIt only supports files up to 50 MB in size. If you’re sending larger files, you’ll need a paid YouSendIt account. You can get a 14-day free trial to try it out, but this option is best for businesses that want more security and control (unless 50 MB per file is good enough for you!).

email large attachments

Which service do you prefer to use to email large attachments? Do you skip the email part entirely and share the files via a cloud storage service like Dropbox? Leave a comment and let us know!

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Only site you need to know about – http://www.fileapartment.com


Nikhil Chandak

some of the websites are mentioned here also !
or we can also use a digital pigeon ! – http://www.makeuseof.com/dir/digital-pigeon-send-large-files-online-browser-desktop/
but thanks for the great article !


Dany Bouffard

You forgot to mention Dropbox, now it has a functionality to create a link to a file you want to share. SO you just share the link through the email and its done.



Moonberri.com is also a cool site to send large files securely by setting up a password to protect your assets. Its free and very user friendly :)


Mac Witty

Do use Dropbox for sending both files and folder by public link to people who do not have Dropbox. Folders are great as user have problem with zip files


Flavius Graur

There’s also http://ge.tt


Gjergji Kokushta

What about SendSpace (http://www.sendspace.com/) – it has a free plan:

Single file size up to 300MB
Basic Download Speed
Limited – download within 30 days
With Ads



I mostly use Ubuntu’s built-in solution: attach the file the normal way, and it uploads the file to Ubuntu One and inserts a link if it is too large.



Don’t forget Dropcanvas. http://dropcanvas.com/


Rohit Jhawer

I would go with gmail with gdrive, best option for me as i want my data to be secure. I use Gdrive for all my documentation. The best part is you can edit the doc even after sending it.



Nice article.. Quite informative..
I personally like Gmail + Gdrive… Provides more flexibility to the way I work.


alice little

Google drive sucks! Will not load, will not sync!
What a waste of time.

Tina Sieber

Works totally fine for me. What browser are you using and how good is your internet connection?

Michael Alao

Works fine for me, but I did have some problems as a result of previously using Google Cloud Connect, which was integrated with Microsoft Office. As a result, none of my Office files would sync, and I could not uninstall Google Cloud Connect. The solution? I re-installed Google Cloud Connect and then immediately uninstalled it. Now everything syncs perfectly. I love Gmail and Gdrive.


Scott Macmillan

I also use Gmail with Gdrive.Never have a problem.


Rajaa Chowdhury

I guess YahooMail give a YouSendIt free service integration (file size limitation upto 100MB), which can be upgraded by paying, to attach big files.


Deji Greg

Thanks a bunch for this.


Michael Bratello

i started using clickandsend.com. It allows you to send unlimited file size and has cool email tracking options such as remotely deleting an already sent email or if you forgot to attach a file you can attach it after the email was sent – pretty cool if you ask me!


John Hall

I don’t always send large email attachments. . . .
But when I do . . . .
I prefer SkyDrive.



I prefer to use Copy.com
It has easy file sending and the file management, backup, and syncing features of Dropbox.



Great article! Another great website to mention is http://www.clickandsend.com – it’s free to send large files!



For Android devices, you can use PlayBak. Its really easy to send videos of any size to anyone via GMail, Email, Text Message, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Your recipients don’t need any special apps to watch your video in HD

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