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In between Star Wars figures and Transformers trucks, my greatest love as a child was LEGO. I would make multi-coloured spaceships, intricately designed houses, castles…the beauty of LEGO is that it is only limited by your imagination.

Now as an adult, I am beginning to rediscover my love for LEGO, thanks to the resurgence in popularity for the company, and its re-emergence in popular culture (The LEGO movie or The LEGO Star Wars edition The Farce Awakens: 11 Parodies Of The New Star Wars VII Trailer [Weird & Wonderful Web] The Farce Awakens: 11 Parodies Of The New Star Wars VII Trailer [Weird & Wonderful Web] Star Wars is back in a big, bad way, which gave Internet auteurs ample opportunity to create their own versions of the trailer for The Force Awakens. Read More , anyone!). This has led me to start intensive LEGO research before I embark on my new hobby. Such as these 8 sites.

Build With Chrome

We have already talked about Chrome’s LEGO project Google Announces New LEGO Project: Build With Chrome Google Announces New LEGO Project: Build With Chrome Ever wanted to build something out of LEGOs but avoid the danger of stepping on one of those foot-destroyers? Well, the Chrome team and LEGO Group have a treat for you: Build With Chrome. Read More before, but I hope my editor will forgive me if I mention this one again. Simply because it is utterly fascinating, a total time-drain, and it never fails in bringing back the LEGO nostalgia in a person. A pity it only works in Chrome. If you are a non-Chrome user, try using Lego Digital Designer Build Virtual Legos On Your PC with Lego Digital Designer Build Virtual Legos On Your PC with Lego Digital Designer Read More . Or, the Android apps for LEGO fans 3 Cool Android Apps For Lego Fans [Android] 3 Cool Android Apps For Lego Fans [Android] Do you love Lego? Do your kids love Lego? I'll bet you know someone who does and would absolutely love for you to have Lego applications on their Android phone. Lego is fun and creative... Read More Angela covered earlier.

You don’t need a Google account to use the page, but if you do log in, you can publish your creations for all to see.





BrickPicker is a site for the ultra-serious LEGO collector. The ones who look upon their collection as an investment. And make no mistake about it. Some sets are worth mega-bucks if in good condition.

On the main page is a scrolling bar showing if prices have increased or decreased (a bit like the Stock Exchange, except without all the crazy dudes in weird jackets waving their hands around). There is also a price guide, classified ads (where people are constantly buying and selling), a list of top selling sets, and theme related forums.

Brick Factory

The Brick Factory is devoted to scans of every possible LEGO set, catalogue, poster, and sticker. They are categorised by theme, number, name, or year, making this a momentous undertaking. Especially when you take into account that the catalogues — from all over the world — are scanned page-by-page, and go all the way back to 1955.

The Brick Factory offers a fascinating journey through the history of LEGO, and browsing it from the beginning, you can clearly see LEGO‘s evolution over the years.




It has happened to every owner of LEGO at one time or another. You have various bits and pieces from various kits, and you have no idea what you can make from them. I mean, there are just so many intergalactic spaceships you can make before you get bored, and you want something new to try. Enter Rebrickable to help you with your dilemma.

You will be given suggestions on what to build, along with the building instructions. The site claims that their instructions are sometimes better than the official LEGO ones. You can also find instructions for bricks similar in colour to the ones you have.

The Brick Blogger



The Brick Blogger is, in my opinion, one of the best LEGO blogs available. As well as the latest LEGO news, it also gives you the latest sales and deals, beginner and advanced guides, information on official LEGO sets, and an area called “Forbidden Guides” (also known as the “shady Underground Lab” – “where cutting, painting, gluing, drilling, sawing and other unmentionable procedures are done to LEGO).

Brick Wars Sets



Brick Wars Sets describes itself as the “ultimate Star Wars Lego guide“. Star Wars has been responsible for a large amount of LEGO’s resurgence in popularity, and when you go to the toy department in shops, you can be sure that you will see a large amount of Star Wars-related LEGO merchandise. So it’s good to have a site like Brick Wars Sets that specialise in it.

The site shows every official Star Wars-related piece of merchandise, along with details such as the number of pieces in each set, and year of release. Valuations are also provided for some of the sets.

Brothers Brick

Brothers Brick is another premium blog for all matters LEGO, one that is right up there with the Brick Blogger. Brothers Brick calls themselves “a blog for adult fans of LEGO”, and it’s been on the go now for the past 10 years.

They focus a lot on mini-figures, but they also have the usual news, reviews, and opinions.

Toys N Bricks

Toys N Bricks is not only a blog, but also a community with a forum. The forum has over 9,000 members, and 10,000 topics.

Lego website


You can also buy LEGO directly from them, and subscribe to their newsletter.

Are You an Inspired LEGO Fan Now?

I don’t know about you, but I am planning a trip to the local LEGO shop this weekend! What about you? Has this post inspired you to get out the bricks again? Which sites do you visit? What sets are your favourites?

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