8 Simple Free Photoshop Alternatives that are under 2 MB

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There are hundreds of free image editors out there for your computer, many of which are known as “bloatware” since they are bloated with unecessary features. Sometimes you just want a light, simple program that doesn’t take forever to load and will let you do a few simple tasks. Well, here is a list of 8 simple free Photoshop alternatives under 2MB that will save you time and headache.

So enter Free Photoshop alternatives

Fotografix (616KB)

Fotografix is an image editor that can be used to enhance, adjust and add filters to images as well as retouching photos. Fotografix does allow you to use layers so that you can even create basic graphic designs and transparent backgrounds. Since the file size is so small and doesn’t require installation, Fotografix can be run from a USB drive. There is support for a large range of different image formats. Fotografix also allows you to use scripts which automate frequently repeated tasks.

Fotografix image editor and digital image enhancer.

Splashup Light (93.5KB)

Splashup Light is the lighter version of the more advanced, full version of Splashup. It is an Adobe AIR application that allows you to edit and add effects to photos with numerous creative tools. With Splashup light you can open a file on your computer or take a picture straight from your webcam to edit. There is also a great pan tool that lets you move your image around for the best view. Along with being able to add shapes and text to images, you can resize, crop, rotate and flip.

i.Mage (850KB)

i.Mage is a unique small yet fast graphics editor that lets you do easy and precise pixel editing. It’s not weighed down with a lot of plugins so the program actually starts in under a second. i.Mage is definitely the right tool for the quick and simple tasks. You can either start a new project from scratch or from the contents of your clipboard. There is a two-pane view so that you can see the full image on one side and the pixilated image on the other. i.Mage might be small and simple but it’s loaded with great tools and features.

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Paint.net (1.6MB)

Paint.NET is actually a personal favorite of mine that I’ve been using for a few years now and is a GIMP competitor. Even though it’s lightweight, it allows you to do a lot of advanced enhancements and adjustments. Paint.net also supports layers and even has an unlimited undo feature. If you are looking for more adjustments, effects and/or enhancements, there are quite a few plugins that you can install to do just what you’re looking for.

Paint.net free image and photo editor for Windows.

IrfanView (1.28MB)

IrfanView is another great tool that lets you view, convert and optimize images. You can do more advanced things like creating slideshows, batch processing, and playing sounds and movies. You can view just about any file format with IrfanView. Plus, it also supports plugins and even has different toolbar skins so that you can change the look of your toolbar. Though IrfanView has less emphasis on image editing and more on image viewing, it’s still one of the best in its league.

Easy Photo Editor (1.25MB)

When you download Easy Photo Editor you will have the trial version which has a 6 images limit per process; the full version is $29.95. The title definitely fits the program, as it’s very limited in features. Easy Photo Editor lets you view, edit, and enhance your photos to a certain extent. It supports the major graphic formats like BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and multipage TIFF. You can also convert, resize, rotate, and stamp text or graphics onto your photos in batch mode. Lastly, Easy Photo Editor makes it easy for you to email your edited images via the Internet.

View, edit, and enhance your photos with Easy Photo Editor.

Free Image Editor (1.39MB)

Free Image Editor is a another simple bitmap image editor that lets you retouch photos or create original graphics. You have the choice of starting a new project from scratch, opening a file, capturing the current window, scanning an image from your scanner, or using the contents of your clipboard. What I really like about Free Image Editor is the built in capturing tool for taking screenshots. You can capture the desktop, a selection, the active window or an object in a window. Free Image Editor also provides a rich set of graphics tools that can be used for digital photography such as raster and paint tools.

PhotoFiltre (1.6MB)

PhotoFiltre is great for retouching and adjusting images as well as applying filters. There are numerous filters that you can use such as soften, sharpen, noise, relief, color, artistic, and much more. There are also numerous adjustment options as well. PhotoFiltre also uses two types of selection tools one which uses automatic shapes and the other which is a lasso and polygon tool. These tools allow for great customized drawing and even lets you save each selection as a separate file.

Is there a certain image editor that you like better? Which is your favorite? Please let us know in the comments.

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