8 Quick Online Word Games To Play With Your Vocabulary

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word games onlineHere’s to let you know that Scrabble (or Lexulous) isn’t the only word game going around. From the simple to the multiplayer games, words have defined an entire genre of online games. So come online and see the fun you can have with letters and words.

Word games online are not only about puzzles, although there are many of them like word games you can use for wasting a few minutes in the midst of a hectic day. If you have long left your school years behind, you might give these word games a go.

Word games these days come in various forms, sometimes disguised as time-wasters and sometimes as cool learning tools that can actually help to enrich your word power. So without further ado, fire up your browser and shuffle your alphabets for these cool word games online.


word games online

The fast paced time wasting word game may remind you of Scrabble. The game is mentioned as unfinished, but you can play it without a hitch. The idea is to quickly create words and score points from the rapid switching letter tiles (75 in all). Points are awarded for longer words, correctly spelt words, and a bonus for having no tiles left at the end.


online word games

Cryptograms are a secret method of writing using codes or ciphers to form cryptic letter combinations. You can play this game without the free sign-up or do that and go head to head with other players. The clock starts ticking and your challenge is to uncover the secret message within the time by correctly guessing the letters.

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online word games

This word game requires a bit of knowledge, although you can get by with wild guessing. Either way, you will learn a lot about the origins of certain words. The word definition puzzle gives you a question and four possible answers to choose from. Like me, you just might find out that the word “bazooka” in fact came from a musical instrument invented by a comedian.


online word games

The massively multiplayer online word game gets its inspiration from Boggle, Hasbro’s board game. Gameplay involves going against a clock and creating words of three letters or more on a 4×4 or a 5×5 board by typing it in. Each game is 3 minutes long and you are scored on the basis of correct words formed. You can even form your own teams on this multiplayer site. I couldn’t register with a Gmail account for some reason, though Yahoo got me through.


free word games

This game of guessing a few letters to form the word suggested by its meaning is more difficult than it looks. VocabGenii can really rev up your vocabulary with its testing word games. There are a few game modes and difficulty levels which you have to win. The game also lets you keep track of your progress on a pie-chart and see how many words you are getting right against how many you are skipping (see directory mention).


free word games

This is also a similar game where you have to go against a timer and guess the word from the meaning given. Each correct answer also helps to extend your time limit. You can accumulate badges and additional points by achieving certain amounts of consecutively correct words (see directory mention).


free word games

The concept is simple ““ everyday the site publishes a single word. Your job is to construct a sentence using that word. The sentence that gets the most popular votes from other members is the winner. I see this game as a creative way to break free from writer’s block (see directory mention).

Herd A Word

word games online

Herd-a-Word is a fast paced game of word construction. You have to connect unrestrained “letter balls” and form words as quickly as possible. The game has two modes ““ Herd Mode (with more word possibilities) and Line Mode (with less word possibilities). No log-in is required to play this game.

Some may regard these games as mere time wasters but these word based games move us towards fun and a more enriched vocabulary. We have already seen the value of edutainment with some of our previous posts ““

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Do you think word games help you sharpen your word skills? Let us know of any cool word games online that you are aware of and we aren’t.

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