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free mp3 downloadsThe best things in life are free!

Our MP3 download series is written in the spirit of promoting artists and their work. This week’s post is dedicated to upcoming album releases. If you enjoy one of the featured bands, please consider purchasing their new record.

An alternative way of supporting musicians, and one I highly recommend, is attending their live gigs. For this purpose I posted Homepage and MySpace links where available. Please check out the tour dates.

The National – Afraid Of Everyone

Genres: indie rock

free mp3 downloadsAfraid of Everyone is the fifth track from The National’s forthcoming album High Violet. This will be their fifth album, due to be released May 10th in the UK and May 11th elsewhere.


Until the worldwide release of High Violet, you can listen to it in its entirety via NPR. You can preview and download the song Afraid of Everyone at Pitchfork.

The National MySpace and Homepage.

Necro – DIE!

Genre: hip hop, rap

free mp3 albumsThe enfant terrible of rap, Necro, will release his new album DIE! on May 18th. The title track starts with an inspiring monologue:

In my lifetime I’ve died a few times. A couple of months ago I went out, they had to bring me back twice from death. Let me tell you something, when you die, you ain’t taking your wallet with you up there, you ain’t taking your underwear.

Download the song DIE! from Peace! Magazine.

Necro MySpace and Homepage.

Good Old War – That’s Some Dream

Genre: indie rock

free mp3 albumsGood Old War Their self-titled second album is expected to be released on June 1st.

The acoustic song That’s Some Dream is available from their homepage. You can preview the track and select your choice of format for download.

Good Old War MySpace and Homepage.

Ratatat – Party With Children

Genre: electronica

free mp3 albumsRatatat is a electronic music duo based in New York City. The logical follow-up to their previous album LP3, released in summer 2008, will be LP4. The release date is June 7th in the UK and June 8th in the rest of the world.

You can download the track Party With Children from Drowned in Sound.

Ratatat MySpace and Homepage.

The Like – Fair Game

Genres: sixties, rock

free musicThe Like are four girls from southern California. Their sophomore album Release Me will be in stores on June 15th.

Go ahead to preview at and download the song from You Are The Music.

The Like MySpace.

Wolf Parade – Ghost Pressure & What Did My Lover Say

Genres: indie rock, dance punk

download free mp3 albumsWolf Parade hail from Montréal, Québec, Canada. During their 7 year history they have released two albums. Their new third album Expo 86 will be released on June 29th. To get a taste of their new work, you can enjoy two free tracks.

The songs Ghost Pressure and What Did My Lover Say can be previewed at and downloaded from HearYa.

Wolf Parade MySpace.

The Silver Seas – The Best Things In Life

Genres: rock, alternative

download free mp3 albumsTheir new album Chateau Revenge comes with its own website and is due to be released physically on July 6th. The digital pre-sale is on now.

I love the free track. Now if someone could please tell me what 80’s or 90’s song it reminds me of! It just sounds so familiar, but I totally love it.

Download The Best Things in Life from Spinner.

The Silver Seas MySpace and Homepage.

Margot & The Nuclear So & So’s – Birds & New York City Hotel Bules

Genres: indie rock, folk

download free mp3 albumsBuzzard will not hit stores until early Fall of 2010. In the meantime you can preview two tracks and experience the new simplicity for yourself. The band has done away with excessive use of strings and horns from their previous work. It’s more rock and less pop.

You can preview and download the songs Birds and New York City Hotel Blues from Spinner.

Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s MySpace and Homepage.

What album release are you looking forward to? Anything we should watch out for?

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