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best comic reader for ipadCollecting and reading comic books has been a popular hobby for years. Although the interest for comics had died down some, it is quickly re-emerging with all of the new superhero movies being released. Comics are becoming popular again and are able to be read in new and exciting ways.

The iPad was made for this sort of task. With its large screen and crystal clear display, you can enjoy your comics like never before.

In this article, I’m going to cover some of the best iPad applications The 10 Top Free Apps For The iPad The 10 Top Free Apps For The iPad Read More that serve as free comic readers, allowing you to enjoy your favorite comics without actually reducing their value by physically touching/reading them.

Note: All the comic readers for iPad covered here are free or have free options. Also, all of the featured applications are also available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, so don’t feel left out if you don’t own an iPad!

Comics By comiXology

The Comics app is a comic store in the palm of your hands. This reader features over 1,300 comics from various (20+) publishers, including Marvel, Image, Red 5, and Zenescope. There are over 80 free comics in the app.

best comic reader for ipad


This comic book reader uses comiXology’s Guided View (patent pending) , where the entire comic page is left intact and you are guided through the panels dynamically.

Marvel Comics

The official Marvel Comics app introduces a revolutionary new way to experience the Marvel Universe on your iPad. This app lets you download hundreds of comics featuring your favorite characters, like Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Captain America. Use either the guided view to view comics panel by panel, or regular pan and zoom to read them as you wish.

best comic reader for ipad

The application integrates with your account, allowing you to back up your comics in case you ever need to reinstall the app.

iVerse Comics

best comic reader for ipad

The iVerse Comics app features over 40 titles available for a free download with over 1,000 titles in the store, with more and more being approved each day. You can find comics from some of the best publishers in the industry, including Archie, IDW, Marvel, Red 5, Image, and more.

IDW Comics

free comic reading

This app features over 400 comics, with 10 free books included. IDW Comics offers some big names from film and television, like Transformers, G.I. Joe, Star Trek, Astro Boy, and CSI. Downloaded titles are seamlessly synced between your iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone.

Transformers Comics

free comic reading

Also by IDW Publishing, the Transformers Comics app is home to the entire Transformers universe. The app includes 3 free books with over 100 more to be added to your virtual bookshelf. The free comic reader application also features an integrated comic shop locator.

Star Trek Comics

free comic book reader

The entire Star Trek universe is in this app. There are over 70 comics, some of which feature new stories. 3 of the books are featured free, including the popular movie prequel Star Trek: Countdown #1.

G.I. Joe Comics

free comic book reader

Includes over 70 books (3 free), with comics from the new series continually being added. There are also all of the old classics from the 80s up for download.

Archie Comics

free comic book reader

This app lets you put all your Archie comic books in one place. There are over 50 Archie titles in the application with more being released all the time. 4 books are featured free.


In conclusion, the iPad has the power to satisfy all of your comic book needs. Read comics you’ve never been able to afford or get your hands on with some of these apps from your favorite publishers. Also, you can discover new comics you never knew existed. Apps like these are what the iPad was intended for.

What do you think of the comic book apps? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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