8 Creative Ways To Pop The Question Online

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Perl Forum Proposal 2   8 Creative Ways To Pop The Question OnlineSo you’re thinking about proposing? You’ve got the ring and the loving partner ready and you think (hope) they’ll say yes when proposed to. Everything is set. But you want to propose in a way which they’ll remember forever. What to do?

For starters, it’s a wedding proposal. They’ll remember it forever even if it was a simple chat over breakfast. Don’t stress out over it too much. That said, your future happiness depends on this one moment. Don’t screw it up.

If you’re thinking of proposing online, make sure you’re around when they see the proposal (with the ring and a bottle of champagne ready). Getting proposed to is something you really want to celebrate properly.

Also, these days it’s very easy to record using phone cameras, so prepare yourself and try to catch the moment forever. Then stick the footage up on YouTube for the relatives to see!

Most online proposal ideas have been done before. But so have romantic weekends away and no-one ever gets sick of that approach. With all marriage proposals, you basically want to be creative and romantic, but not to get yourself killed or lose the ring in the process.

Don’t forget that you also need to work in some of the tried and tested romantic helpers: poetry, picnics, flowers, writing “Marry Me” in big letters, candlelit dinners, sunsets, the great outdoors (especially rivers and oceans). Make it beautiful and then geek it up a little with some tech. Seriously, you could be on a space shuttle watching the earth from afar, but if all you say is “Wanna get hitched?” they might still think there’s something lacking in the proposal. Think about your words, place and timing. Or don’t. What have you got to lose?

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8. Propose By IM Video & Chat

Long distance relationships suck, but Skype and other video IM makes it better. Although, if you propose on IM long-distance you’d better have a trip planned to see them soon after!

7. Propose In Public & Show It Online

proposalleslie   8 Creative Ways To Pop The Question Online

Google Street View was used to propose with great effect by a Google employee. Another guy managed to get a proposal into the top search result for her name. If you know of any public information gathering projects, or anywhere else where you might get your proposal public, give it a go!

6. Propose On A Social Network

Use the direct approach on Twitter/YouTube/Ustream or whatever social network you fancy (as long as they use it too). Even just a website you both hang out on (Reddit/Slashdot have both been done).

Garazi Proposal   8 Creative Ways To Pop The Question Online

5. Propose Using Your Smartphone

Mix tech with real life by using your smartphone. This means you can set up a real-life mystery for them and work magic with online maps, Stickybits, Foursquare, Scribular etc. Code your own app for extra geek points.

4. Propose In A Webcomic

Propose in a webcomic or other form of online art you have been working on (it’s been done in Penny Arcade). In fact, sometimes the artists have helped out fans with proposals too.

Webcomic Proposal   8 Creative Ways To Pop The Question Online

3. willyoumarrymeinsertnamehere.com

Get the domain for willyoumarrymeinsertnamehere.com and make a whole website out of it (like this). Maybe even incorporate YouTube clips, your dedicated Twitter account (with regular reasons why you love them) and some photos of a proposed venue for the wedding, new house, honeymoon, etc.

2. Propose In A Game

This could be as simple as getting the letters for “marry” followed by “me” and using them in online Scrabble (although that’s probably not very easy when you think about it – far easier offline). Others mess with game maps. Or, you could go crazy and code a proposal into the game for them. Many have done this before – just work it into a game they like. It never gets old.

1. Memes

Jump on the latest meme. So, the memes might get old, but at least you’ll know exactly what the world was getting into when you proposed. Some memey proposals include: Old Spice on YouTube, infographic proposal and a lolcats proposal.


Want more ideas? We’ve previously covered a collection of geeky ways to propose online which covers all sorts of cool ideas like a ring scavenger hunt and making a website of your life together.

And if you’ve proposed online let us know in the comments what you did – we’d love to hear it!

Image Credit: Joy Of Tech (Image used with Snaggy’s blessing)

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Saikat Basu

Nicey nice:) This is one thing where Google Search Stories from my previous post on 10 Google Services That Don’t Get the Limelight They Deserve would also help in a creative way.

Saikat Basu

Nicey nice:) This is one thing where Google Search Stories from my previous post on 10 Google Services That Don’t Get the Limelight They Deserve would also help in a creative way.



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This is awesome post..thanks

Pharmacy Technicians

This is awesome post..thanks


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