8 Adobe AIR Apps That DON’T Suck

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Adobe Air appsAdobe AIR is having quite a buzz at the moment around the internet. They are trying to bring more of the web directly on to your desktop, and they seem to be having quite a successful time achieving this. AIR actually stands for “Adobe Integrated Runtime”, and this article looks at some of the best free applications using AIR. If you have no idea what this Adobe AIR thing is all about, you can simply think of it as a program that allows you to run certain web services like desktop programs. In most cases this results in faster and better looking user interface.

1. Google Analytics

Google Anlaytics on Adobe AIR

Google Analytics has to be one of the most popular AIR tools out there. Google Analytics is one of the most used traffic analysis tools and this desktop AIR version allows you to do everything as if it were on the web, but a little quicker. You can learn more about it from Mark O’Neill’s article here.

2. Ebay Desktop

Ebay Desktop on Adobe AIR

eBay Desktop – With all the amazing features already found on eBay, this desktop version will blow you away. It has a much slicker and simplified search tool and design. Download it here.

For other eBay goodies see Shop Like a PRO: 7 Tools to Crack eBay

3. Finetune

Finetune - Desktop Music Player

Finetune – Finetune has to be one of the most impressive music tools in the marketplace at present. It lies somewhere between highly customizable radio and music discovery service. By using Finetune you can build music playlists based on your artist preferences, listen to your playlists from the desktop and share playlists with others. You can also browse and tune-in to any 500.000 + playlists created by other users.

If you’re an iTunes user, the AIR application can instantly lookup the artists in your music library and create Finetune playlist for each of them. Download it here.

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4. AOL – Top 100 Music Videos

AOL Top 100 Music Videos

AOL Top 100 is the desktop widget featuring the top 100 most watched music videos across many genres including Pop, Rock & Alternative, Hip Hop, Country and Latin. Watch music videos in full screen or standard mode. Found video you like? You can easily bookmark and watch them whenever you want. Although there is one major problem with this widget, about 15-20% of videos don’t work.

5. WebKut

Webkit - Website Screenshots

Webkut is a simple AIR application that lets you capture web pages, or parts of them in a matter of seconds. There are 3 capture options: the entire page, the current view, or custom selection. If you take web screenshots on a regular basis then this app is for you.

6. Xdrive @ Desktop Lite

XDrive Dsktop Lite - Online Storage Application (Adobe AIR)

Xdrive is an online storage service from AOL. Now available from your desktop. This lightweight desktop tool allows you to drag’n drop (upload/download) files and folders between your Xdrive web storage and desktop. Backup important files online, share photos with friends, share documents with colleagues, etc.

7. Pownce

Pownce Apps (Adobe AIR )

Pownce offers a simple way to communicate with friends. Send mid-sized files, share interesting links, post messages, and announce upcoming events. Can be accessed both from the web or via this simple desktop client.

8. TWhirl (Twitter App)

Twhirl - Desktop Client for Twitter

Twhirl – Twhirl brings Twitter to your desktop. It delivers new Tweets directly to your dektop. No more refreshing of your Twitter home page, Twhirl is the way to go. See also Mark’s previous coverage of TWhirl @ Tools and Apps to Improve Twitter Experience. Interested in TWhirl? Download it here.

Other Interesting Adobe AIR Apps

  • Color Browser – This tool is great for designers. Pick the colors, save them, go back to reference what you’ve one in the past and what you’re currently working on.
  • NASDAQ – Get insight into extremely detailed trading activity in the market at any time during the day.
  • StockQ – Stream latest stock quotes to your desktop. No brokerage account login or authentication required. You can set it to auto refresh every 1sec – 5mins.
  • NetBook – Desktop client for Project Gutenberg Library. Lets you search, read and listen to PGL books.
  • Klok – Slim task manager and project time tracker.

Got another useful Adobep Air application ? Let us know in comments.

(By) Steven and Aibek. Steven is the CEO of Insomnia Ltd, which is a media company based in the UK. Steven is also the editor over at Crenk, a tech news, opinions and analysis site.

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