$74 Android Mini-Computer Hits The Market [Updates]

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Want a cheap computer that runs Android on an ARM processor and isn’t a Raspberry Pi? Now you can have it. I’m talking about a new system, called AllWinner, that is now shipping out of China.

This tiny, inexpensive Android PC has impressive specifications. It uses an ARM A10 dual-core running at 1.5 GHz, a Mali 400 GPU and offers 512MB of RAM. This puts it about on par with last year’s best tablets and today’s best smartphones. It has HDMI output and claims 1080p capability. Only a review could verify this, but on paper it looks like a valid claim, as there are much less powerful ARM systems that can do the same.

You’ll only need to pay $74 dollars for the device if you buy it from Abi Express, the only retailer currently offering the device outside of Asian markets. The description is typical of a product made in China by a company that can’t pay for proper translation to English – there are plenty of typos – but it claims 802.11b/g/n wireless support and USB connectivity. Better still, the mini-PC comes with Android 4.0.

It’s worth pointing out that the mouse and keyboard support of Android isn’t great. It’s also difficult to see how a user would connect both without a USB hub, because this mini-PC only has one USB port and you’d need two to connect a USB mouse and keyboard.

Even so, the price is low enough that Android and alternative OS enthusiasts should check this computer out. It looks like a fun gadget to experiment with even if it’s unlikely to replace anyone’s desktop, HTPC or Roku.

Source: Ars Technica

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