7 Websites To Help Inspire and Make The Best Halloween Costumes

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make halloween costumesHalloween is nearly here, and that means pumpkins, excessive sugar consumption and the best costumes you’re likely to see all year. If you’re short on inspiration, money or simply recognise that the best costumes are the ones you make yourself, the Internet is home to some great ideas.

So whether you’re off to a party, still young enough to go trick’r treating or simply want to terrify the children in your neighbourhood, there’s bound to be something here that ticks the box.

Instructables Halloween

The web’s best make-it-yourself website launches a dedicated Halloween section every year to walk you through some of the most complex costumes, props and decorations. Instructables is free to use, allowing you to spend your money on materials to make your halloween costume creations.

make halloween costumes

Some of my favourites include this Lego man, an incredibly detailed Big Daddy from Bioshock and Ron Burgundy from Anchorman.

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There are 7 categories of Halloween Instructables, with 65 prizes up for grabs for the best of the bunch. If you’ve come up with your own idea, it’s probably worth sharing it with everyone else for the chance to win top of the range tools, sewing machines and tech. You’ve got until the 7th of November if you want to enter.


Not strictly a Halloween costume website (but I bet their bandwidth usage spikes at this time of year) Costumzee has literally thousands of ideas to inspire you. The website has a Top 100 list of the most popular costumes right now, and this means you can either pick from the best or choose what to avoid so you don’t look like everyone else.

costumes you can make

There are a fair few adverts for costumes for sale, but there’s more than enough how-to articles to help you make an impressive halloween costume.

They’ve even got a Jersey Shore section, but you’re going to need buckets of fake-tan if you want to imitate your favourite guido or guidette. Be sure to check out the printable masks section too if you prefer the cheap and cheerful option.

Vintage Computing & Gaming’s Halloween Ideas

Who said Halloween has to be scary? There’s some hilarious costume ideas here, some of which are genuine and others just for laughs. Take the Peter Molyneux costume for example (he’s the genius behind Theme Park, Black and White and the Fable games) – leopard print underwear anyone?

costumes you can make

They update the list every year, so it’s probably worth checking out the archives too: 2008, 2007, 2006 video game edition and 2006 computer edition.

Robin’s FYI Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

Ok, so the webdesign isn’t exactly cutting edge but the ideas are there! Somewhat of a wall-of-text, Robin’s FYI has a ton of tried-and-tested ideas, as well as a few you just might never think of.

make yourself costumes

What I really liked about this one were the ideas for disabled users who have to use a wheelchair. A king or queen on a throne and a jack in the box are ideas to experiment with.

There aren’t any pictures or detailed how-to articles, so you’re going to need a little foresight and some personal touches to get your costume finished.

Trendhunter’s Costume Ideas

Mostly pictures to impress and inspire, Trendhunter brings you 57 unique and impressive costumes. Each picture has a link to more pictures, and it’s really too easy to spend way too much time here (especially when you’re trying to write an article).

make yourself costumes

Again, inspiration is key and there aren’t any instructions but if you’re interested in dressing your baby up like a pumpkin or you’re wondering whether it’s possible to create a Boba Fett costume out of Lego then you’re in the right spot.

Some pictures are slightly NSFW (but nothing too steamy) so postpone your Halloween research till you leave the office.

Costume Idea Zone

This site pretty much has all the usual ideas covered, and offers a brief outline on how to create each outfit. The site itself is split into several sections, covering traditional costumes, ideas for couples and groups as well as unique dress-ups and quick last-minute ideas for anyone who’s feeling lazy.

make yourself costumes

There’s also a fair few tips on how to save money when creating your costume, so if you’re budget-conscious this year then you’ll probably want to check it out.

Anyone with their own ideas not already listed can submit, so if you’ve thought of something short but sweet this year then share it with the rest of the world!


Ok so this one’s not an ideas site at all, but it’s worth a mention anyway. There’s an endless amount of costumes available for sale on eBay, and you don’t necessarily need to buy them to benefit.

make halloween costumes

If you’ve got an idea in mind and wonder how to go about it, a quick search on eBay is bound to bring up something you can attempt to replicate yourself, for a fraction of the price. It doesn’t have to look perfect after all.


If you’re after some more do-it-yourself Halloween ideas then you might want to check out this article from last year. There’s also a special MakeUseOf Halloween podcast-from-the-past.

Happy Halloween from all of us here at MakeUseOf!

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