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baseball As the summer season approaches, in the U.S. another major 4th of July celebration quickly approaches this July. Cities and towns across the country start gearing up as early as May for the local festivals, fireworks and events. One of the most popular things that many geeky Americans do is loading free patriotic wallpaper themes on their desktops.  MakeUseOf features some pretty cool articles on wallpapers, such as Tina’s resources to pimp your wallpaper The Best Resources to Pimp Your Wallpaper The Best Resources to Pimp Your Wallpaper Read More , or the review of WallpaperStock’s high resolution desktop wallpapers, so I wanted to add to that list by providing a resource for some of the top Patriotic wallpaper sites on the web.

Whenever I’ve searched for wallpaper themes, I’m always shocked at how inundated the Internet has become with poorly made, amateur websites covered with Google Adsense ads and cheesy content. This seems especially prevalent within the category of wallpapers. So, at the risk of coming across as a bit ethnocentric, I would like to offer you geeky U.S. patriots a list of high-quality free patriotic wallpaper themes that they can use this year as part of their Fourth of July celebration.

American Greetings Offers Free Patriotic Wallpaper Themes

Apparently American Greetings isn’t just all about selling greeting cards. For those who travel to their web page , American Greetings offers a small collection of free wallpapers. One of those wallpaper categories is “military & patriotic wallpapers,” which include some pretty impressive images.


Free images here include things like fireworks on a backdrop of the American flag, the words “Courage and Compassion” on a backdrop of the Statue of Liberty, and a pretty cool “Support our Troops” wallpaper featuring an Army helicopter and other military imagery. – But You Have to Download Crawler?



One of my favorite collections of free wallpaper is . When you search for “patriotic,” you’ll uncover a huge assortment of stunning backgrounds for your desktop. But when you click on “Download,” there’s one drawback. The site forces you to download and install the Crawler toolbar before you’re allowed to download free wallpapers from the site. Now, for a lot of people this isn’t a big deal, but for a lot of people, being forced down download and install anything isn’t very cool.


However, the five pages of amazing artwork sure is tempting enough to go ahead and install crawler just to download a few of these. They are easily some of the best patriotic wallpapers you’ll find on the Internet.

This Nation – Cheesy or Not?

This Nation is one website where I really like the free wallpapers one minute, and then I can’t stand them the next. The biggest problem is that I can’t decide whether they’re cheesy, or just extremely emotional and inspiring. Some of them work very well, but other ones look like one of those Sunday morning gospel shows where the clear biblical text scrolls across the backdrop of some inspiring nature scene.


However, this site does deserve mention because some of the text-on-image wallpapers do look pretty good. You’ll find four pages of them to choose from at this site, and they’re all free for personal use.

Visual Xtreme – For Patriotic Gamers

Reviewing the patriotic category of wallpapers over at Visual Xtreme , it’s pretty obvious what demographic these images target. Each of the pictures look like something straight out of a modern video game, mostly all computer generated graphics of the American flag integrated with an Eagle, military hardware, or in the case of one very popular background, the Twin Towers.


At Visual Xtreme there’s only one page of Patriotic offerings (currently page 4), but those eight are impressive enough (and free enough) to add to the list.

DesktopWallpaperFree – on The Edge of Cheesy

Okay, I really had to debate whether or not to include DesktopWallpaperFree . When I first visited the site, I almost immediately clicked “back” to return to Google search and continue on. The first thing that got my attention was the extra-wide Google Adsense banner across the top.  With my finger hovering over the mouse button, ready to click “back,” I paused and peeked a little closer at the offerings on this site, and in a few moments decided that the site deserves mention.


Why? It’s because much of the images offered are actually pretty impressive, and some of them I wouldn’t mind having on my own desktop. Yes, the site is plastered with a conglomeration of ads from all over the place, but visiting this site will provide you access to four full pages of some pretty cool pictures.

Thumbplay – Cellphones Need Wallpapers Too

Thumbplay is a pretty cool website that offers free cell phone images for a backdrop. When you search for patriotic wallpapers at this site, what you get back is decidedly strong on the military side, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Some of these are actually pretty cool, especially the ones with military fighters, or with a motto like “Army Sister,” or “My Dad Wears Combat Boots.” 


There are offerings for the various branches including Special Forces, Coast Guard, the Air Force and others.

Wallpaper Dave – Travel Photography

Wallpaper Dave is sort of one of those sites that you hate to like, but you’ll end up appreciating his photographs. Yes, the site could use some professional help, but Dave takes some unique photos that actually work pretty well as a desktop theme.


The imagery from the various American historic sites from around the country are pretty cool. I haven’t found many photos of these sites that look like they were just developed from a family trip. That’s not a dig toward Dave, it’s a positive quality of these wallpapers – the people who see them on your computer will immediately ask you when you went on vacation. And the clarity of the photos is also impressive at this resolution (800 x 600).

Regardless where you pull your patriotic backgrounds from this 4th of July, take my advice – avoid doing a blanket search on Google for them. You’ll get blasted with a long list of horrible websites. Hopefully the list above will give you a pretty good head start.

Share your own links to your favorite patriotic background image sites, including those for other countries, in the comments section below.

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  1. Ryan Dube
    May 8, 2009 at 11:29 am

    For that matter...if the article was "Great free Mexican Patriot background themes" - would you have a problem?

  2. Ryan Dube
    May 8, 2009 at 11:28 am

    Maybe you didn't read the article at all, just saw the title and decided to comment? I wrote: "So, at the risk of coming across as a bit ethnocentric, I would like to offer you geeky U.S. patriots a list of high-quality free patriotic wallpaper themes that they can use this year as part of their Fourth of July celebration."

    Do I understand the comments here correctly - all American based articles should be banned from MUO? I'm really curious about this - I'd love some feedback. Fill be in guys...this is interesting.

  3. Ernesto Quezada
    May 8, 2009 at 8:21 am

    I actually didn't read where you wrote: "at the risk of seeming ethnocentric" but still... Nothing against American people though, I just think being internet as global as it is, this post is so out of place... boooh!

  4. Ryan Dube
    May 8, 2009 at 5:37 am

    Hi Spiralbound, thanks for your comments. Yes, I do understand that a great majority of our subscribers are not American - didn't you read where I wrote, "at the risk of seeming ethnocentric." Like I said, this post was for the American readers. Secondly, I wrote that I can't stand sites that are inundated with google ads over just about every square inch, not every single site on the internet that features Google ads (which is likely a large majority!) Anyway - thanks for your comments.

  5. Spiralbound
    May 7, 2009 at 11:08 pm

    Neat sites, although you do realize that not all your subscribers are American, right? :) Also, I found it amusing to read a newsletter that features ads between every single article and then have one of those articles complain about a site that featured ads! LOL! :D

  6. Koi
    May 7, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    Just a few, but they are pretty decent at