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Are we jumping the gun on the 2012 London Olympics? After all, there are more than 500 days to go for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. With all things that relate to the greatest sports show on Earth, you can never be too early. After all, even when it comes to hosting the quadrennial event, countries compete for the rights nearly a decade in advance. It’s also usually tooth, nail, and whole lot of megabucks.

The Olympics are now just about things like tourism as they are about sports. The greatest sporting spectacle draws most of the world towards it. Perhaps you are a sports buff. Perhaps, getting a ringside view at the Olympics is on your wish list. Or perhaps, you are just an armchair traveler interested in the hurly burly of the Olympics.

Till the XXX Olympics start on 27th July, 2012, the web is the place to be for the latest news and Olympic schedules. Here’s a list of seven sites that will help you follow the Olympic Games more closely.

olympic schedule

It’s always recommended to go to the mother site of movement. If there’s anything breaking, you can be sure the official website of the Olympic movement will catch it. Browse around or join them on Facebook or Twitter to keep yourself updated. Click on the tab that says Olympic Games; four nicely done Flash slides will pop-up. The very first one leads you to the London 2012 Games. Photos, videos, and the latest news should help to keep you in the know. Then there’s a link which takes you directly to the second site on our list.

London 2012

olympic event schedule


If you have to choose just one site to stay on top of the Olympic schedule and what’s happening around the London Games, then this site is it. The site gives you the inside news from how the bid was won to what’s happening right now on the ground. Okay, you can read the news or the blog. But the really cool clicks are the Virtual Tours, the Webcam images, and the interactive UK Map (a must see). You can also check the schedules and shop for tickets online. Sign-up and get alerted when they go online. You can also download a PDF with the schedule and the ticket prices. Not the least, you can even play online games with the mascot.

Also, if you have a child around, check out – Get Set: The official London 2012 education programme

The Independent London Olympic Site

olympic event schedule

This is an unofficial site built around the London Olympic Games. But it’s no less relevant as the unofficial site tries to gather information on tickets, hotels, latest news updates, and more. One of the useful pages lists all the BBC sports blogs that are up on the games and talking about it.

BBC Sport

olympic event schedule

The Olympic Games are happening in their own backyard, so you can be pretty sure that this page will keep you updated with the latest news. There’s the nice timeline on top which you can click to find out more about the events on that day. There’s also a handy Q&A guide on tickets which is a must read if you are planning to buy even one of the 8 million that will be on sale soon. The sub-site is beautifully put together with video programmes that you can catch on BBC’s iPlayer. Then when you remember that this is the third time for London and Olympics, dive into the archival materials on the previous games.

Also, go back and look at this slideshow from July 2010 which shows the Olympics ‘in construction’.

The Telegraph

official olympic schedule

The Telegraph is one of the largest broadsheets in the U.K and with the Olympics; they have a dedicated section on it. There’s the interactive schedule guide you can follow to check up on the dates and plan your Games. Ticket prices are listed near the foot of the time-table. The Venue Guide is another font of information you should follow. News is great, but for opinionated pieces, there’s nothing like the Olympic blogs written by some esteemed sports journalists.


official olympic schedule

The online edition of another leading English newspaper also has a lineup of interactive features that give a preview of the Olympics. Check out the panorama inside the Olympic stadium; it’s a 360 degree view from the VIP gallery. You can trace the cycling routes across the city in another interactive. The ticket guides, event schedules, and news posts are almost old-hat when you interactive presentations, videos, and audios to browse through.

The 2012 London Olympics Forum

olympic schedule

This is an unofficial forum comprising of members who like to chit-chat on the happenings around the games. Of course, it might just gather more steam as D-Day arrives, but with nearly 2500 members and 15,000 threads, it has a ready launch pad. Expect to find a lot of hints and tips if you ask the right questions. For Olympic Games tourists, this might be a handy watering hole to pick up a cost saving advice.

There are of course, many more information resources on what’s happening with the Olympics in London. You can also browse through our travel recommendations to plan ahead.

But I think these seven top-notch websites should be just enough to fan your Olympic spirits. So, jump on the bandwagon of the London Olympics and also let us know how much an Olympic Games fan are you.

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