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Omegle Omegle: Chat With Strangers Omegle: Chat With Strangers Read More and Chatroulette The Top 10 Funniest ChatRoulette Screenshots & Videos The Top 10 Funniest ChatRoulette Screenshots & Videos ChatRoulette is a video chat site that randomly matches people for a fun chat. Users from around the world can interact via instant message, webcam, and voice. Everyone is anonymous and no login of any... Read More are both the Internet standards when it comes to having random conversations with often very random strangers. Sometimes it gets inappropriate, and sometimes, well… this happens:

We aren’t condoning doing a repeat of this, but we do have a few ideas for you to enhance your random chat adventures. Here’s a big ol’ list.

Avoid Text-Based Chat


If you’ve used any randomly-based chat site, you’ve probably experienced it:



M. U?

Are you [insert something sexually suggestive here]?

It’s a little bit easier to avoid this nonsense with video chats. I mean, text-based chat isn’t always going to be bad. But video allows you to: 1) put a face to the person, and 2) have a more engaging, human experience.

This isn’t to say you aren’t going to see a few unwanted images. In that case, well, you may want to stick to something a little more text-based. But if you’re willing to sift through the smut, this may be for you.

Get Personal

Rather than typical chat fare, why not get a little more personal with your questions? Ask about religious beliefs, family history, life goals, hardest life battles, etc.

There’s no reason not to go beyond “What do you like to do for fun?” or “What do you do for a living?”

This is part of the human experience!

Chat At Non-Normal Hours


It’s 4 a.m., and everyone you know in the real world is asleep. But the people in other parts of the real world aren’t, and they are also often in the digital world. By chatting at abnormal times for your sleep schedule Got Insomnia? Fall Asleep With Relaxing Music [Sound Sunday] Got Insomnia? Fall Asleep With Relaxing Music [Sound Sunday] Free music downloads, streaming albums, and a playlist to ground your thoughts and help you drift off into sleep. Read More , you can interact with people miles upon miles away.

This will help you to encounter individuals you wouldn’t be able to otherwise. So if you get the chance, stay up late and make a new friend. Maybe you’ll learn something new, too.

Bring In Friends

Playing it safe by bringing in local friends to your random chat (again, it’s better if you use video) will help out infinitely. This adds a little bit of a “party atmosphere” to it all rather than the intimate environment that one-on-one chats typically provide. Everything is a little more light-hearted, and you also probably won’t be as creeped out if you do come across a strange character.

Play Some Music


Music is the universal language 5 More Sites & Apps To Enhance Your Music Experience 5 More Sites & Apps To Enhance Your Music Experience Music touches people in many different ways. For some, it is like a religion -- they can't get enough of it. We take a look at 5 apps and sites you should put your ear... Read More , and by playing music on your phone or even playing on an instrument yourself (however bad your webcam microphone may be), you open up the door to either share a new sound or a commonality with someone far away. Music always provides a way to enter conversation, regardless of who you are or where you are from.

(That’s why the earlier video caught on so quickly.)

This is a great opportunity to exchange a multitude of various cultural experiences with people from all over the world, not just music-based ones.

Keep A Map


This is a little more involved, but here’s a fun thing to do: keep a map Become A Google Maps Boss With These 6 Crucial Tips Become A Google Maps Boss With These 6 Crucial Tips How can you make use of Google Maps to the utmost? What sorts of tricks await your utilization? Keep reading to find out how you can become a Google Maps pro in no time. Read More and mark the location of each person you meet. You can have a map of your home country or continent (if you chat at normal hours) or you can go a little more global. This could easily transform into an online project of sorts, or maybe even a personal blog.

This is a great way to keep track of the people you’ve met that you wouldn’t be able to without random chat sites. It’s amazing what the world of today offers!

Stay In Touch

Lastly, and this applies only to trustworthy encounters, try to stay in touch with the people you meet. It’s important! Random chats can easily move to lifelong friends on social media, and who knows, if you’re traveling you may very well just have a place to stay in the future.

What other tips do you have for random chats? What’s your favorite random chat site?

Image Credits: Sach.S, Cory Doctorow, ilya, Sasha Willins, Kenneth Lu

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