The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

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pinterest tech01   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On PinterestThere’s something refreshing about Pinterest. What got off the blocks as a narrowly focused social network for women has raced ahead onto the main track. It is the third most popular social network today. Without a doubt, it’s the image boards. It is an artful eyeful that saves us the labor of reading through serpentine feeds. With a glance, I can tell what the Pinterest user is interested in, and if I am interested along with him.

My interest lies in technology among other things. So, that set about my search for interesting tech-focused Pinterest users. These techy and geeky Pinterest users have other social profiles too, but there’s the X-factor about this new social media that makes you want to catch up. Here are the seven best technology boards you should follow on Pinterest.

Mark Zuckerberg

pinterest tech02   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

The first thing that popped up said, why would Mark Zuckerberg be on Pinterest? Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interest? Logic said that the account is probably fake. Google search revealed that the account seems to be real but no one is confirming is yet. Facebook is mum. I don’t think it matters to ‘his’ 9000+ followers so far. His choices are many-sided, from image boards on DIY to the obligatory one on Facebook. On the geeky side of things, I liked the board on SocialMen Creativity and Digital Natives.

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WSJ High Tech

pinterest tech03   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

This one is definitely not iffy. Wall Street Journal’s 33 boards on Pinterest is an exhibit on how to use Pinterest. Check out the board on Quotes which is a collection of artfully done quotes from recent WSJ stories. But I picked too for my own viewing pleasure – WSJ High Tech, which can give you quite a few ideas for your “100 tech products to buy before I die” list. A quick glance through the board is indicative of digital trends around us.


pinterest tech04   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

The 158 pins on this board all force you to look beyond the ordinary into how creativity and imagination with the help of technology brings about innovation. Paper alarm clocks or vertical farms, a projection screen on any surface or bioluminescent trees, the Ideas board is your one-look source into the world of tomorrow.

The Future Is Here

pinterest tech05   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

This board is again on cutting edge developments related to gadgets and technology. The popularity of the board (2151184 followers) has made Daniel Bear Hunley one of the most followed on Pinterest. He is a social media marketer by trade and a geek by passion. Let’s hope he keeps adding to the 16 pins on the board.

Windows on Pinterest

pinterest tech06   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

Windows is just one of the companies that are taking an active interest with its branding on Pinterest. There are pins from the day-to-day life at Microsoft, and the usual boards on Microsoft products and hardware. The favorites could be the board which depicts the history of Windows and the funny My Style.

Technology – Geeks & Nerds United

pinterest tech07   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

162 pins make it one of the well-populated technology Pinterest boards. Charmaine Zoe has put in some effort with her picks that cover some of the geekiest stuff you can find online. There are photo-memes and tips and treats spread among the more visual tech stuff.


pinterest tech08   The 7 Best Technology Boards You Should Follow On Pinterest

Beth Blecherman is the founder of, a technology blog focused on parenting and the family. She has nine boards on Pinterest. I will avoid the ones on yummy food and fitness, and go straight to Interesting Tech (and also the two boards on infographics). The Interesting Tech board is a curated list of articles, news bytes, and tips from around the web.

These seven boards are a cross-sectional selection of the kinds of technology boards you can expect to find on Pinterest. From individual based ones like Mark Zuckerberg’s to a blog which uses Pinterest as another arm of creative expression. Tech companies are plenty…if there is a Windows, then there is a Sony too. What sets the best from the rest is the collection of visuals and also the content they pin. Of course, the update rate matters too. Which technology board on Pinterest do you follow? Do you have your own bunch of recommendations? Throw your pins in the comments.

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Scotty is also great for productivity tips, tech gear and web apps!


Thanks. Keep ‘em rolling in. I had bit of a tough time picking the seven I did, so its always nice to get a few more.

James Bruce

Hmm, seems like would be a good one to include!


Definitely would have, but this post was scheduled earlier :)

Daniel Hunley

Thanks guys! I appreciate you including me on this list. :-)


Cool board, but I wish you would update more often :)

Soy Marketing

Lol, Zuckerberg shouldn’t be here… He has like 3 pins, adds no value at all to my Pinterest account.

Saikat Basu

First I tried to ascertain if his board was genuine or not. By all accounts it seems so. It’s just a point of interest because he is (or was around that time) the most talked about name in tech. Also, all boards are works in progress…so let’s see how his board develops :)