7 Sources To Download Quality Android Homescreen Wallpapers

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android wallpapersThe web is a rich repository of all kinds of goodies for your mobile phone, whether it is an iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7 or Android device. In fact, we have rounded up some of the best sites for you to find wallpapers, as well as ringtones, games, etc.

Today, we’ll focus on homescreen wallpapers for Android handsets and update a bit of the older articles. If you’re actually looking for Android apps, be sure to check out MakeUseOf’s list of top 100 apps for Android, which mentions all types of apps for many categories, including but not limited to automation, productivity, security, and more.

First, how do you figure out the right Android wallpaper size for your phone?

If you are a proud new Android device owner, you may have tried to set images that perfectly match your phone’s screen resolution, only to find out that you must crop the desired image. That is because Android needs a wider image than the screen resolution’s to be able to display that image across the many homescreens. Since the image is spanned across 3 homescreens, all you need to do is find a wallpaper that is twice the width of your screen resolution, while the height stays the same.

For instance, For my HTC EVO 4G, the screen resolution is 480 x 800, so if I’m trying to set a new image as my wallpaper, I must ensure it’s offered in 960 x 800. The same applies to the newer 540 x 960 qHD displays, which would require backgrounds with size 1080 x 960. This is the general way to go, though sometimes, not all pictures fit perfectly even at these sizes, and you may still get that cropping screen.

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Now, we’re ready to explore the best sites for Android phone-friendly wallpapers.


Interfacelift has one of the most beautiful collections of Android wallpapers from around the web. A good number of the wallpaper offerings are landscape photographs and even if you’re perhaps interested in other types of wallpapers, trust me when I say that you’ll be captivated by the images here. The site offers wallpapers for desktops (including dual-monitors), netbooks, iPads, etc. While you can’t sort the wallpapers there by resolution for Android devices, you can see if your desired image is offered for your resolution in the drop-down menu.

android wallpapers

Since there’s no mobile website for Interfacelift, you’ll either have to zoom in on the desktop-size website on your phone or transfer the wallpapers via USB cable, Dropbox, etc.


free android wallpapers

This site not only offers a huge selection of wallpapers (though you might have to search around in this site for truly HQ wallpapers), it also allows you to create wallpapers from a set of backgrounds or solid colors, add text and make them fit your homescreen exactly. The site also offers other goodies, such as ringtones and games.


Mobile9 is a neat-looking site with tons of downloads for phones and tablets. Like Zedge, it also offers ringtones. To get started, you can either sign up for an account or just type to search for your device. You’ll then see a personalized page with downloads for your specific phone.

free android wallpapers


CellMind offers a selection of wallpapers , themes and ringtones for a variety of phones. You can sort wallpapers by phone, category and more. If you’re an HTC device owner, you may be out of luck since HTC isn’t listed in the manufacturer drop-down menu. You may be able to find wallpapers with the right size if you select other phones though.free android wallpapers

Backgrounds App [Android 2.1+]

android phone wallpapers

This is a very popular app for wallpaper lovers that’s not only well-rated, but also full of high quality images in 24+ categories.


There’s a wealth of artwork on this site that could well fit on your Android homescreen. There’s no obvious way to search for mobile wallpapers, though you can always go to the Wallpaper section to see if there are mobile-friendly images. Other ways to look for wallpapers is to look through the gallery of the AndroidWallpapers group. Although you might have to search around in this site to find perfectly-sized wallpapers (unless you want to resize them yourself), DeviantArt is one of your best bets to find high-quality images.

android phone wallpapers

Digital Blasphemy

android wallpapers

Digital Blasphemy is well-known for its quality, 3-D wallpapers, many of which are available for subscription members. There are, however, some free downloads for phones with screen resolutions of 320 x 480.

These all were for static Android wallpapers. If you’re interested in live wallpapers, check out LiveWallpapers.org. Now that you’ve found some great sources of wallpapers, you might want to look into some wallpaper-rotating apps for Android. Here you’ll find 3 of the best.

If you know any more sources of quality wallpaper websites, let us know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Shutterstock

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I use an application name Flike wallpapers (not sure of the spelling though) it has amazing wallpapers and of all wallpaper apps it consumes the least battery. you can download whole albums of any category too (its bit tricky though) other than that I use Zedge but I dont like it, its slow and takes lots of time (I use zedge for ringtones, awesome collection)


yup, thats it :)

Jessica Cam Wong

Thanks for the suggestion. It does seem to have many quality wallpapers.



I mostly download wallpapers for my Android phone from deviantart………thanks for sharing other beautiful sites……..

Jessica Cam Wong

Sure. Please feel free to share the article if you found it useful!


I second DevianArt as well, really awesome resource for all kinds of wallpapers and themes

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