7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

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facebook logo 300x3001   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]On one of my last articles, 5 Things You Need To Stop Posting On Facebook, I received a comment from a certain Smumdax that basically begged the question, “Well. What should we post on Facebook?”

Very good question, in my opinion.

So dear MakeUseOf readers, I don’t want to only focus on what you need to stop posting on Facebook. As a matter of fact, I believe that there are more things that should be shared than shouldn’t be!

Life Achievements

lifeevent   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

This one is kind of a given, my friends. Did you get that job? Did you just meet Bill Murray? Please do us all a favor and let us know! These are the types of things that are perfectly okay to share on Facebook. Now, can these types of things be annoying? Yes.


If you are posting about all the awesome stuff that happens to you with a cocky attitude, well… everyone’s going to notice. Do yourself a favor, and limit it to only the big stuff – like meeting Bill Murray. This is one of the key elements of Facebook’s Timeline.

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Your (Safe) Vacation Pictures

vacay   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

There seemed to be a bit of confusion in my last post concerning what I meant about posting your beach vacation pictures. Basically, it might not be a good idea to post your more revealing photos because some people like to use them for relatively questionable intentions (this goes for children, too). However, if that’s your thing… then so be it (except for children).

On the other hand, I think it’s okay to share some of the more “tame” stuff. Landmarks, cool shots of stuff, cheesy family photos… all that. Basically, it’s okay to let people live out their vacation through you. I think.

Past Locations

pastlocations   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

In my recent article, I stated that you shouldn’t post exactly where you are at the moment that you are there. The reason I suggested this was simply because there are some people out there that take great joy in robbing homes (which is actually a relaxing past time, I have heard). However, it might be better to post that you were somewhere rather than stating that you are somewhere.

I understand that Zuckerberg is trying to make the world a more open place, and I respect that. However, you can’t help that there are folks out there who have malicious intentions for your information.

Who You Were With

people   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

I guess this is the running word right now – “were”. Instead of tagging who you are currently with, it would be best to keep everything in past tense. This way, if one of your buddy’s friend’s account was compromised, then the perpetrator wouldn’t know that he was away from home.

It’s not so much that it is annoying to know who you are with or what you are doing – definitely not! It’s just a matter of your safety. The irony is that we tend to worry more about the information that Facebook itself stores about us rather than how others can malevolently use that information. At the core, people are all talk and no action.

Encouraging Words

encourage   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

Guys, stop it with the cynicism! The Internet seems to be full of it, right? Facebook is the perfect place to lift people up.

Is someone having a bad day? Try to make it better with a quick message on their wall. Did they lose their pet iguana in a tragic rubberband accident? Send them a picture of a cat. The world needs more happiness. You can use Facebook to make it happen.

Memorable Photos

memory   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

Hey, did you know that Facebook has something called Photo Albums?! Yep. You can put photos online for people to see. Revolutionary, right?

Silliness aside, it’s perfectly okay to share your memories with everyone, in my opinion. However, a few pointers might be these:

  • Again, be careful with the revealing photos. People are still naïve, though.
  • Don’t post your failed picture attempts. No one wants to see your hand in the lens 37 times.
  • Make sure your friends are okay with having their picture posted on the Internet.
  • Don’t label the caption, “OMG I LOOK TERRIBLE LOL.” You actually might.

Loose Event Invitations

event   7 Things You Should Be Posting On Facebook [Opinion]

This is one of those items where you may respond to the article, “Josh, why would you put events on this list? Facebook has already included events in their installed features.” Well, yes. Yes they have.

However, you may want to think about how you advertise your events. Is there any way to build up its privacy?

For instance, you could leave out addresses and only give directions to those who RSVP to your invitation via email or cell phone. Facebook is a great way to simply say whether or not you’ll be attending Uncle Charlie’s Spleen Removal Surgery Party, but that’s probably the only thing it should be good for – just a yes or a no.


Facebook is pretty cool for sharing everything, but the key thing to remember is that you need to be responsible with what you share. Remember Uncle Ben’s advice – “With great power comes great responsibility.”

What other things do you think are okay to share on Facebook? Do you agree or disagree with any of the items mentioned above?

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I think it’s only fitting that I say “FIRST” on this article ;)

Thanks. Now I will go and have a secured Facebook experience lol

J. Lockhart

Awesome, Smumdax. Glad you liked it!


Honestly, I don’t even believe myself…. I’m a total unsecured guy, always posting where I’m at via my cell phone :/ At least there isn’t any revealing pictures of me… but don’t remind my very first girlfriend. She actually HAS one that I wouldn’t want posted up there… oh my!

J. Lockhart

I mean if you’re up for it, then go for it. I’ll occasionally Tweet out where I am (I think… sometimes I’ll write a Tweet and then delete it), but it’s just a “what-if” situation. 

Do I seriously think everyone is going to be robbed? Of course not. That’s called paranoia, and that will eat at you over time. However, these are pretty good things to think about.

As for revealing photos, I do my best to keep my Speedo pictures private.


Count Stex

Are we not being a little over paranoid here? Surely it’s more about ensuring that you always check WHO you are posting to more than WHAT? For instance I’ll put my holiday photos up, but have only people in my Family security group able to see them, where as other photos with be for “All Friends” or even “Friends of Friends” and quite often just public. Clearly Google+ makes this more clear, which is one of it’s advantages IMO over Facebook, but the same funtionality exists, and in fact is being copied more and more by FB.

J. Lockhart

You seem to be on the right track, Count Stex. I sometimes take into consideration that anyone’s account could be compromised, but that can get quite complicated to think about.

Count Stex

It’s a fair point, I guess I just don’t worry about people seeing me in my swimming shorts much :D Also I guess not drinking really reduces those potential compromising pictures :D

J. Lockhart

Bingo baha.


Gina Kahai

Very sound and thoughtful advice, J. Lockhart!  That’s why I love the MakeUseOf site, they are always looking out for the rest of us and sharing useful knowledge. Very good form.

J. Lockhart

Thanks, Gina!


Valentin Uzunov

According to this guy i am a pretty good facebook friend.. haha

J. Lockhart

Baha. Very nice, Valentin.

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