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Online WishlistsHow well are you prepared for the holiday season? Giving and receiving presents is the most exciting part of any holiday. But it can turn into the real headache.

How do you manage your wish lists? How do you make sure each of your friends and relatives will not be forgotten? How do you organize your own plans?

Let’s see how you can turn into a professional “gift giver” with these web-based wishlists that will help you organize things you want to receive, things you plan to give and thing you dream of but don’t dare to ask for:

Browser Addon Registration process Best Feature
BoxedUp FireFox, Safari, Explorer (bookmarklets) no email confirmation needed, instant login Create your wishlist flash widget to display at your site FireFox, Safari, Explorer , Opera (bookmark) no email confirmation needed, instant login Import your Amazon wish list FireFox addon email confirmation required Create and store the product page screenshots with a handy browser extension No no email confirmation needed, instant login Choose your wishlist theme and graphics Bookmarklet no email confirmation needed Import your wish lists from Amazon and Delicious No no email confirmation needed, instant login Set the gift priority FireFox addon email verification required Enjoy a really fast and easy gift submission process with the browser addon

BoxedUp has a clear interface and allows for a number of nice features:

  • sort your products by Wishlists and by Status (“things I want”, “things I have”);
  • add favorite places you like to shop;
  • add friends and join communities of like-minded people.

What’s more, the service offers you the chance to create your wishlist flash widget to display at your site or page to let all your friends see what you want to get for the holidays.

boxedup - wishlist maker


GiftHat also has some similar basic features; though it lacks that pretty design of BoxedUp. The tool also lets you import your Amazon wish list.

Like GiftHat, WishListr also provides a convenient importing option (it allows you to import wishlists from Amazon and Delicious).

Your-Wishlist let you add products only from their own database but they have introduced a few fun options. For example, have fun choosing your wishlist theme and graphics.

GiftBoxHome is another good service that among other handy features also allows to set the gift priority.

GifTag offers a handy FireFox addon (which is required to add the items to your wishlist). The extension adds the product page screenshot and let’s you easily organize your multiple wishlists. Besides, it lets you quickly send the gift page to your friend (to make sure your friend knows what you want to receive).

giftag - wishlist website

Kaboodle is the most advanced gift organizing tool that also offers a FireFox addon. It grabs the product page information and leaves you almost no work.

It also allows you to sort the gifts by category (my favorite one was “If I Had One Million Dollars” one).


How do you get prepared for the holiday season? Have you already created your wishlist? How do you organize your gifting?

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