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If Ken’s podcast list last week 15+ Podcasts Every Geek Should Listen To 15+ Podcasts Every Geek Should Listen To Read More whetted your appetite for high quality tech podcasts, you may find these just as pleasing.  Not all of these are tech podcasts, but I think you’ll agree that geeks come in all types and sizes.  So should their podcasts.

Technology/Science Podcasts

Obviously there are a million tech podcasts out there, but here a just a few that didn’t make it up onto the site in last week’s article.

They also happen to be a few of my personal favorites.

Buzz Out Loud

(iTunes Link)

“Buzz Out Loud” is probably one of the first podcasts I subscribed to way back when I got my first iPod (a 20GB black and white one, if memory serves – the click wheel was a new feature).  Back then it was called “CNET’s podcast of indeterminate length” because it gradually increased from 5 minute episodes to 30 minute episodes in the first couple months.  While it still has that tag line, generally the shows are always 20 to 30 minutes and have a pretty standard line-up.

Tom Merritt, Molly Wood, and Jason Howell (who mans the sound board) come together every week day to deliver the hottest tech news off the web and provide their frequently hilarious commentary about the internet, DRM, and the new ways we can use technology in our everyday lives.  If you haven’t discovered the show at this point, definitely give it a listen!


NPR: Science Friday

(iTunes Link)

“NPR : Science Friday” takes a look at the biggest people and topics in science today.  Host Ira Flatow interviews just about everybody who matters with a style that agrees with specialists and laymen alike.

Topics vary between the science disciplines, but if it’s important, you’ll almost certainly hear about it on Science Friday.  The show is one of many interesting transcripts from NPR’s shows (on iTunes).

The Nature Podcast

(iTunes Link)

“The Nature Podcast” is a little more of a hardcore science show for the true science geek.  Taken right from the pages of the prestigious journal Nature, the podcast covers some of the more detailed experiments and scientific quandaries around.

While the content is certainly more sophisticated, the hosts do a good job presenting all the facts and asking the questions you want answered.  Best of all, most of the interviewers have British accents, which will add a little linguistic variety to your podcast collection.

Web Culture Podcasts

Sometimes, amid all of the ways we use the internet, we overlook the fact that the network itself is the world’s largest community.  Here are a few shows dedicated to the way humans interact with one another.

Epic Fu

(iTunes Link)

“Epic Fu” broadcasts a little taste of the indie world right to your iPod.  Of course the term “indie” is pretty subjective, but basically independent artists, creative protesters, and DIY fanatics are all par for the course at Epic Fu.  Features, skillfully connected by the lovely Zadi Diaz, include stellar music videos, interviews with innovators in literature, and clever commentary on current events relevant to the citizens of the internet.

Another reason I love Epic Fu is that they recently brought Sarah Atwood on board, who you might remember as a top contender on Mahalo Vlog Idol.  She’s definitely one of my favorite internet people.


(iTunes Link)

“Rocketboom” has been around for about as long as video podcasting has been popular.  They’re a bit of an institution.  That being said, I am constantly astounded at how they have been able to maintain the quality of the show while still keeping their quirky, deadpan method of reporting the news.

Unlike most news shows where the host simply states an opinion, Joanne Colan presents the news in a unique way every day.  Sometimes it is an enormous play on words.  Other days, props or camera tricks play a role.  A large number of episodes break away from the “anchor desk” style and go straight to wherever the news is out in the world.  African and Middle Eastern correspondents are regular features.  I think I like the show mostly because it reports news that the mainstream networks often overlook or consider unimportant.

Entertaining Podcasts

Sometimes you need to blow off some steam.  Why not do it in a geeky way?

Ask A Ninja

(iTunes Link)

“Ask A Ninja” is pretty straightforward.  People ask a ninja questions.  He answers the people.  Then he promises to kill them.  Any questions?  Now you know where to send them.

All silliness aside though, Ask A Ninja is a very funny show where a low-budget ninja describes the ninja underworld as can only be done in front of a blue photography screen.

Tiki Bar TV

(iTunes Link)

This one is a bit harder to explain.  Unlike the above podcast, which is about as geeky as you can get, you might wonder how Tiki Bar got on this list.  Well while it’s a show about mixing drinks and the drama that usually ensues, there is a more obvious reason for its inclusion.  The show frequently features internet superstars like Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht from Diggnation, just to name a few.  As one of the first video podcasts, it’s stood the test of time.  Or at least staggered the test of time after a couple shots.

If you like hearing about great podcasts, TELL US in the comments.  We want to cover what you’re interested in so let your voice be heard!

  1. Jimmy Rogers
    September 28, 2008 at 1:35 am

    Ooh, TED is a good one...I actually have only seen their embedded stuff, but it makes sense that it would be a podcast.

    So do you guys want more podcasts on MUO?

  2. Bob
    September 27, 2008 at 4:54 pm

    What about Radio Lab?

  3. KiLotr
    September 27, 2008 at 10:59 am

    Has anyone mentioned TED??

    I think that this is by far one of the greatest podcasts around

    • Aibek
      September 28, 2008 at 9:37 am

      Totally agree, TED rocks

  4. Zia
    September 27, 2008 at 7:07 am

    I rather enjoy video podcasts (vidcasts) from CNET TV and Webb Alert

  5. Jimmy Rogers
    September 26, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Sorry, I had never heard of that one before...

  6. Michael
    September 26, 2008 at 3:21 pm

    What about source trunk? All about opensource. THats pretty geeky! lol

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