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cooking resourcesIf you’re anything like me, your capabilities in the kitchen end with boiling an egg. But, just like with any other skill, everything you need to learn about how to be a great cook can be found online.

The best place to start is with quick and easy recipes which won’t overwhelm you and put you off the idea of ever setting foot in the kitchen again. The following list contains sites that aggregate easy-to-do recipes, some include video tutorials, and introductions to cooking basis. And quite a few of them will help you stay organised while learning all about the art of cooking.


One of the most popular websites for recipes, Epicurious, has an entire section dedicated to Quick & Easy Recipes. You can browse recipes by meal type including kid-friendly, salads and desserts, amongst others.

Signing up for an account allows you to make notes, review and save the recipe to your list, and even print shopping lists for the recipes you want to make.

One of Epicurious’ best features by far, which will come in very handy for the beginner cook, is their Menus feature. Rather than try to figure out which dishes to put together for a full meal, let Epicurious do it for you.


cooking resources


Plumello, a great recipe site with a twist, has a long list of easy recipes for the beginner cook to dive right into. And if you’re feeling a little bit adventurous, or happen to have a specific ingredient handy, let Plumello tell you what dishes you can make with it.

Plumello has a few other useful and interesting features. It has a wide variety of recipes from various international cuisines, which you can browse by geographical location, and the site allows you to aggregate recipes from all over the web, so it gives you a great way to stay organised.

cooking recipes


Cooklet takes yet another approach. Unlike the other sites listed, it doesn’t have an obvious “˜Easy recipes’ section to click on, but it has something even better. Using the advanced search feature, you can specify the level of difficulty, the amount of time the cooking should take, and an ingredient or two.

The site also has some tips and tricks that will be useful for the novice, including how to easily peel tomatoes and how to cook corn, and it seems that there is more to come in that section. Like Plumello, the site helps you get organised by saving recipes and preparing shopping lists.

cooking recipes


If you’re the kind of person who needs to see a picture of how the food should look when you’re cooking, why not take it a step further and use online cooking videos?  Cooking TV shows are usually way too fast to follow, but having a video you can pause and rewind is a great way to learn new recipes.

YouTube is actually a great resource for short cooking videos. Just search for what you want. There are also some great channels worth subscribing to that give you step by step instructions for each recipe like Asian Cooking Made Easy.

cooking recipes

Food Pair

Another great resource for the novice cook is FoodPair. Take a look at what’s in your kitchen, and FoodPair will tell you what you can cook with it. The site also gives suggestions on what ingredients would go well, and based on that, you can find a recipe to get started on.

It also has an entire section for recipes made with 5 ingredients or less. Signing up for a free account allows you to save your favourite recipes, as the recipes listed are aggregated from different sites.

Reluctant Gourmet

The Reluctant Gourmet has a great section with a few introductory recipes, that are a great place for a beginner to start. The list is short, but will come in handy when making many other recipes, with an easy to follow outline on how to make tomato sauce, a vinaigrette, and even basic Risotto.

cooking tips


AllRecipes needs no introduction. The mammoth cooking site is a great place for any beginner to start with its how-to articles, and its quick and easy recipes. Registering for a free account allows you to save your favourite recipes, and to vote for the recipes that you liked the best. AllRecipes also has a special video section.

cooking resources

Where do you go to get your quick and easy recipes? Let us know in the comments.

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