7 Funny iPhone 5 Videos Apple Fanboys Will Hate

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funny iphone videoUnless you have been living under a rock for the past month you’ll know that Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 5. It did so in its usual inimitable style, wowing the press with showmanship and hype. Unfortunately the product itself didn’t live up to that hype or warrant the showy reveal. It is essentially just an iPhone 4S with a slightly bigger screen.

Still, that fact didn’t stop millions of Apple fanboys buying up the latest iDevice, with the iPhone 5 selling out faster than any previous version. While the Apple devotees are happy splashing their hard-earned money, the rest of us are happier laughing at their need to own the latest and greatest iPhone. The following seven iPhone 5 videos will have everybody except the Apple faithful splitting their sides laughing.

Jimmy Kimmel Prank

The team at Jimmy Kimmel Live concocted a very simple prank. The day after Apple unveiled the iPhone 5 to the world, they showed random people on the street an iPhone 4S but told them it was the new model instead. Shockingly no one picked up on the subterfuge, which shows just how much attention they gave to the announcement. And many iPhone owners stated how much lighter, thinner, and faster it was than their model.

Apple Promotional Parody

To understand the video embedded above you should first watch this video, Apple’s official promotional push for the iPhone 5. This guy mimics Jony Ive and others perfectly, using their choice of language against them to mercilessly mock the iPhone 5. I especially like the way he portrays the Apple higher-ups as talking down to their customers. Which is something I have noticed they do in all of these promos.

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Steve Jobs: Resurrection

Steve Jobs is back, in holographic form. Because whatever Tupac can do, Jobs can do it better. We get to see Tim Cook trying to put his stamp on the company before Jobs returns from the grave to show him who’s (still) boss. The ghost of Steve Jobs unveils the iPhone 5, despite claims from the crowd of it being the same as before. He then teabags Bill Gates before handing Cook a turtleneck sweater. What? It could happen!

The Ultimate Review [NSFW]

Once you’ve seen one iPhone 5 review you’ve seen them all, correct? Think again, because I can assure you you’ll have never seen a review of any piece of hardware quite like this. What’s the best way of testing out the new iPhone? By having sex with it, of course. Which is exactly what the guy in this video does. His verdict? That the improvements made mean the iPhone 5 is the best lay Apple have offered to date.

The iPhone 5 Song

It’s time for a sing-song, but only if you’re happy to mock the iPhone 5 with some cutting lyrics. This iPhone 5 parody song rips into the lack of differences between the iPhone 5 and its immediate predecessors. The chorus consists of nothing but “iPhone 5″ being chanted over and over, but it’s somehow very catchy. The lyric of choice has to be, “It’s for all the hipster snobs.”

iPhone 5 Camera

This is another parody of the iPhone 5 promo video, but showing just how predictable Apple has become, it was made a month before the iPhone 5 was unveiled. The style and tone are perfectly mimicked, but the product bears little resemblance to the real thing. That’s because this is the iPhone 5 for people who do little more than take pictures of their food… a clunky digital camera with the Apple logo on it.

Apple Coasting Keynote

We end with a video that very cleverly sums up what many people are now thinking about Apple and the way it’s going to conduct business in the future. It has already switched from innovative developments to incremental updates, so the next logical step is… doing nothing at all. The company has enough money, and the employees would rather just play golf at this juncture. And who can blame them?


Will Apple care one iota that a huge swathe of the online population is mocking the iPhone 5 right now? Not a chance. The company has a big pile of cash in the bank, a share price going through the roof, and a set of loyal consumers who will buy anything and everything released with a half-eaten apple logo on the back.

I don’t hate Apple and I don’t hate the iPhone 5. In fact, it’s right up there with the best smartphones available to buy right now. But it’s also boring, and nothing more than an incremental update on the previous two iPhones released. Which means it’s ripe for mocking.

If you have seen any other funny iPhone 5 videos you’d like to recommend then please link to them in the comments section below. Or if you’d rather give your opinions on Apple, the iPhone 5, or the general state of the smartphone market, that’s fine too. In fact, it may be rather enjoyable. A little like these previous articles showing Apple ad parody videos and anti-Apple videos.

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Chris Hanlon

Dave Parrack

I saw that the day after I submitted this article (most MUO posts are written more than a week ahead of publication). It’s genius, so thanks for posting the link :)

Hatem Sindi

yeah this one is funniest .. though I got the phone :)



I love that Apple is getting bashed right now. The most successful software company ever (Microsoft) has been mercilessly bashed for 30+ years. Bill Gates has had more photos of him with devil horns than Ozzy Osbourne. Bashing means you matter, and you’re relevant. It’s good to see Apple right up there, paying it’s dues in internet mockery. It also keeps us Apple fans in check. Windows users have been harassed by Linux and Apple users for a very long time. It’s certainly our turn now.

Dave Parrack

An Apple fan enjoying the mocking? Hats off to you :)


so true!

Hatem Sindi



Sebastian Hadinata

Steve Jobs Resurrection is the best :D


I… Agree :D

Tina Wilkerson

I laughed so loud the guy in the cube next to me over to my desk to see what was so funny!


Shayne Selwonk

I love this one Apple Coasting Keynote, it shows you what apple is really doing for true nothing



I like my iPhone 4S, and will stick with it in a few years more :D

Dave Parrack

That’s a thoroughly sensible decision which I applaud. There really is no need to upgrade each year.


There’s no need for about 90% of the items we buy these days. Still, you see people with 55″ TV’s over 42″ ones, 300kw cars over 200kw cars. I don’t get why a bunch of people upgrading to the next increment in iPhone attracts so much attention… it’s a phone with obvious hardware improvements over the previous model. I say if you feel like buying one (cause it’ll never EVER become a necessity) and assuming you have the cash, go for it. You’re not impressing anyone by holding back.

Dave Parrack

There’s a difference though. Most people only buy a new television or car every 5 years or more, or even wait until their current one starts to fail. Rabid Apple fans are happy to upgrade every year, regardless of whether the hardware is any different or not. And come on, the iPhone 5 is a very minor update on the iPhone 4S (or even 4).


Christian Bilger

lol i cant stop laughing



Great vids! I’m always up for a laugh :D


Atheistic One

That’s EXACTLY what I’ve been saying! The iPhone 5 is nothing more than an iPhone 4S 2. An incremental upgrade, and that’s about it. When they release the iPhone 5S (or 4S 3), the iSheep will run screaming to the Apple Stores for it! So sad.. They’re not bad phones by a long shot, but Apple’s really taking advantage of the idiots who adore them. And suing anyone who they see fast approaching them on the ladder of success. Hell, Apple got their START by stealing from other companies. O_o

Shame on you, Crapple. [>:-(


It’s my first post on this site even though I’ve been enjoying browsing it every day. You probably will boo me but I don’t hate apple or Steve Jobs, think about all the great stuff they produced . f**ups happen to anybody , remember MS Vista? It’s much easier to blame someone and not your own stupidity. It’s your choice, nobody forces you to buy anything. I liked the first video the most:)

Dave Parrack

I don’t hate Apple or Steve Jobs either. I was sad when he passed. The iPhone 5 isn’t a f***-up though, it’s Apple trying to get away with doing as little as possible in terms of innovation. If the fans would make unbiased buying decisions then Apple would be forced to do more.

Dave Parrack

I couldn’t agree more. The iPhone 5 is a nice phone, it’s just not very different from the iPhone 4S. Damn Crapple iSheep ;)


Sorry, Dave, I hope you didn’t take it personally. What I meant is that WE, customers, should use our own brain and maybe do some research before buying stuff. As for the videos, I love good sarcasm, it’s just recently I watched again Steve’s commencement speech at Stanford and still under the influence…



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Wade Potter

Great videos.



that was lol…but still apple is the best thing ever happened to technology…


Mr E

Here’s another funny iphone5 video with Woz and Jonny Ive:


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