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gmail extensionsWe all love Gmail for making our life more productive. Despite being the pioneer in the webmail arena with a powerful set of features enabled by default to all its users, Google never stops innovating. On top of the existing core feature set, from time to time, Gmail adds new, experimental features to gauge user response under the Labs section.

These extensions are Gmail features that may not yet be ready for mass adoption or may entice only the power users. Nevertheless, almost all of the extensions tend to be downright amazing and we at MakeUseOf have covered the best among the lot The 4 Fabulous Gmail Labs Extensions You Should Try Out The 4 Fabulous Gmail Labs Extensions You Should Try Out Read More at 7 Innovative Gmail Labs Features You Should Try Out 7 Innovative Gmail Labs Features You Should Try Out Read More regular 5 Gmail Labs Apps Worth Enabling 5 Gmail Labs Apps Worth Enabling Read More intervals 5 Gmail Labs Features Everyone Should Try 5 Gmail Labs Features Everyone Should Try Read More .

Let us have a sneak peek at some of the new Gmail Labs extensions.  You can enable any of them by going to the Labs section in your Gmail account (the little green beaker in the top right hand corner of the screen).

Google Docs Previews In Mail

gmail extensions

Google Docs is gaining a lot of fans because of its collaboration features, cloud sync and being free for all. However, the Google Docs URL loads a bit slower than the rest of the Google services. This extension solves the problem for you.

If you receive an email with links of Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations, you can preview them right from the Gmail window without going through the hassle of opening Google Docs in a separate window.


Nested Labels

gmail extensions

The labels feature is awesome. We can have a label named “Buck” and archive all our financial correspondence in it. But wouldn’t it be nice to have sub folders (child labels) for credit card bills, bank account statements and so on?

Well that’s precisely what the nested labels Gmail extension does. To add a child label use the following syntax – Label/child label. For example, to create a child label named CC under the label named Buck, you will have to type “Buck/CC“, without quotes and voila! we now have a shiny new sub folder.

Default Text Styling

extensions for gmail

The default font and color of Gmail not hip enough for you?  Well now you can spice up your email with a bunch of fonts, colors and sizes with this extension. After enabling this extension from the Labs section, head over to the General section and you can go nuts and create your very own text style.

Custom Date Format

extensions for gmail

The only thing I find difficult with the default US Language settings of Gmail is the MM/DD/YY date format. If you are from a different hemisphere and you have got used to the DD/MM/YY format, this extension helps you change the date and time formats just the way you like it. No more confusion as to whether 5/3/10 refers to March 5, 2010 or May 3, 2010.

Google Voice Player

extensions for gmail

When you receive a voice mail in your Google Voice service, you will get an immediate email notification. With this extension enabled, you can play the voice mail right from the notification email without having to leave the Gmail window.

Filter Import/Export

gmail addons

Filters help us bring control to email overload.  Do you think emails from eBay auctions are not mission critical? You can create a filter for that email ID and archive it in a label. Now whenever you get an email from that mail ID it will be automatically archived in the label, leaving the inbox only for mails from your boss and family members.

Do you have a lot of productive filters like this and want to use them in a new Gmail address you are setting up? Or do you want to share them with friends & family? Enable this extension and head over to the filters section to export them in a XML file. Filters can also be imported from this page.

Hide Read Labels

gmail addons

Over a period of time, we end up creating a number of labels in our Gmail inbox and at times we might feel that they are getting in our way during a busy day. The Hide Read Labels extension moves Labels without any unread emails out of sight, in the More Labels drop down. When a new email comes in, the respective label will pop back in the visible labels list.

All of these Gmail extensions are also available at Google Apps too. Enabling or disabling these extensions are as simple as selecting the respective radio button.

Which one of the Gmail Labs extensions is your favorite? If you are using a great extension that we have not yet featured, you can share it with us in the comments section.

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