10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Ever wanted to master the keyboard shortcuts and get more productive on the web? Here is everything you need – 10 quick cheat sheets for some of the most widely used tools on the web. Download, print and stick them somewhere near your desk.

Google Cheat Sheet

google cheat sheet   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Windows Cheat Sheet*

windows shortcuts   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Mac OS X Cheat Sheet

mac osx cheat sheet   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Gmail Cheat Sheet

gmail cheat sheet   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Firefox Cheat Sheet

firefox cheat sheets   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Firefox (for Mac)

firefox cheat sheets   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Google Reader Shortcuts
google reader cheat   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download
Linux Cheat Sheet

linux manual guide   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Linux Command Line Ref. 

linux line command referenc   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

Thunderbird Cheat Sheet
thunderbird shortcuts   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download
Internet Explorer Shortcuts
ie 7 shortcuts   10 Essential Cheat Sheets To Download

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Kyle Judkins

I am printing these as I type.


Where can you get them to rpint or download i’am not able to find the download link on this website, or is it only a trick to get traffic?


there is no trick or anything, you get the links once you subscribe. Read the second part of the article it explains the whole thing.


ok Now I’ve subscribed and it keeps shooting me back to this same page….Y???


Now, just wait for an email from us. It should be coming shorlty, if it’s not already there :-)


what are the cheat sheets used for


The sheets list keyboard shortcuts for commnoly used programs and web services. Once you learn them you will be way more faster when working on your PC.


It says you have to subscribe to receive the “cheat sheets”.

Social Pinoy

Glad to have stumbled upon this


Nice. It would be complete if there were linux ones as well.

Anonymous Coward

If you mean command-line work, then you can get pretty much all you need to know from…

man command
command --help

Otherwise, Google is your friend.

Ariejan de Vroom

Nice sheets ;-) For those interested, I have a Subversion cheatsheet available at http://ariejan.net/svncheatsheet/




Google reader doesn’t need a cheetsheat. Just hit ‘?’ in reader and you get all this information.


Just an FYI for Gmail, the Tab then Enter combo to send the message also works in Firefox.


just forwarded this site to some friends….great links, but I agree that both gmail and google reader aren’t really needed, since Google places them in the “help” section of their respective sites.

Thanks though, great list!

Otto J Hunt

Not clear in the firefox(win) sheet: ctrl-shift-t = restore closed tab. This command will go back more than one level.


Works fine for me. Just checked it.


This is pretty awesome, I use all these programs you have here. Thanks. Dugg


Couple of small mistakes/omissions in the Firefox shortcuts.

Ctrl-9 doesn’t necessarily open the 9th tab. It opens the last tab (the very end one), whether it’s the 3rd or the 26th. Useful, actually.

I don’t see Alt-left-arrow for Back, or Alt-right-arrow for Forward. Also, in my FF3 at least, shift-backspace doesn’t go forward. Doesn’t do anything at all, actually.

Great list, though. I did discover a few new ones. Plus I can get rid of one of my extensions, now that I know there’s already a shortcut for restoring closed tabs. Nice.



Here are some useful cheat sheets for developers, check it out: addedbytes.com/cheat-sheets/


My favorite MAC OS X cheet :
Command-shift+4 = Take a screenshot of whatever is selected


Very useful article. Thanks a lot!


for the ms windows cheatsheet…

CTRL + SHIFT + ESC open taskmanager directly


I work for the company that produces the sheet listed as the Windows guide. This is actually a 2 page cheat sheet. The second page includes keyboard shortcuts for special characters. You can get the entire free guide at barcharts.com/system/downloads/free/Shortcuts%20(QT).pdf


you know the Mac one pretty much copies directly from Apple’s site, right? Readers might as well go there and print it from there directly – it’ll look tons better than the ‘work’ you Matthew Elton did.


and that second one is _stolen_. just like your logo, which looks like the vmware logo. just uglier, and with gross artifacts.


The logo stolen from the vmware one ? No wonder you wear dark glasses, you’re clearly blind. They look nothing alike.

Lowell Fan

Very Interesting, but …..

Methinks Lowell is a Nincompoop

Shut up Lowell. Methinks u need much disciplining in the use of ur words.tsk tsk tsk, BTW ur face is screwed and this website is just fine so are the cheatsheet which are alot nicer than the ones on the apple website. nincompoop


“a lot” — two words


IIf you thik that vmware and MakeUseOf logos are similar you must be an idiot. No further comments.


Try to get this done but is difficult , i’am working for the best payroll company in the netherlands Payned payrolling and need to keep everything up to date this would help.




I could not find the link in my RSS feed. I got it by subscribing to the email version.


It’s there, just checked. The link says: “Get your cheat sheets and more at MakeUseOf Downloads.”


What if you are already subscribed? I printed it off a while back and wanted to print of several more copies for some work I’m doing. I don’t want to subscribe twice and get twice the emails. Is there a place to log in and get to them?



Just look for it in the emails or RSS feeds. The line should say

“New subscriber? Get your freebies at MakeUseOf Downloads. Enjoy!”

Ginger Pforr

I know I have read above that others could not seem to find out how to download the cheat sheets and the response was that it would be emailed. I signed up about a week ago and the emails I got don’t seem to have anything to do with the download for them. Could someone please help me? I also just signed up under another account incase I had missed something, but I don’t think I have. I really would appreciate any help in this. by the way LOVE THIS SITE!!!! =D


Did you see “Get your cheat sheets and more at MakeUseOf Downloads.” in the emails? It should be located near the bottom of ever y email you get from us. Anyhow I will be sending you download link to your email.


I have the same problem. Receiving emails fine, but no download link is shown within…


Just emailed you


I have the same problem — a subscriber but don’t see where to log in to get the cheat sheets.

Mark O’Neill

Jim – if you are a RSS subscriber, the links are at the bottom of every RSS post. If you are an email subscriber, the links are in every email. If the emails don’t arrive, check your spam folder.

Joan Vinall-Cox

The link is NOT in my emails. Like the articles, but don’t like this runaround.

Ginger Pforr

I got it, but it wasn’t in the email that I had received before. I went back and checked. But it was in the email you just sent out. Thanks very much. =D



Me too. I think this is scam site and am going to find a way to tell the world about it being either a scam or the very worst functioning site I’ve ever seen.



@ Kelly

I sent you an email with the download link. It seems we have an issue with folks who subscribe via email, the download link is not sent immediately as it suppoosed to. I will take a look at it today.

John Coldwell

Hello, I have subscribed to the Google Reader RSS feed a dozen times now, via all RSS links on the site, and still no email with a link to the cheat sheets. In fact I have two (2) MakeUseOf feeds in the reader – they both come from MUO but appear to be different.Please send me email with link. Thanks. I’m tired of going round and round in circles. :-)


John, you definitely missed it. Under each article there is a link that says

New on MakeUseOf …

* Follow MakeUseOf on Twitter. You won’t regret it!
* Get your cheat sheets and more at MakeUseOf Downloads.
* Subscribe to booming MakeUseOf Podcast on iTunes.

In fact you can confirm it, by going directly to the feedpage: http://feedproxy.google.com/Makeuseof


Hi, very nice work.

I have a request, may I download them and share them on my blog ( Moroccan-French blog ) ?
Check the URI I’ve submitted to see it :-)




Wow! I’ll be printing these stuff for reference. Thanks!

Ricky Buchanan

For Mac OS X beginners there are printable keyboard shortcut sheets available here also:


Nice Job. I have already subscribe.


Why is everyone so excited? It’s been pointed out by a couple readers that much if not all of this info is “stolen” from other sites, not something I have a major problem with if credit is given where it’s due, but to neglect that and act as if the content was created by the author of the article doesn’t seem cool. It’s nice to have this stuff collected in one place, but don’t act like you did all the work if you didn’t. And while I know nothing about the accusation of logo copycatting, the reps of this site reacted in a very rude and unprofessional fashion that doesn’t reflect well on this site’s character at all. Instead of calling someone an “idiot” why not just show the two logos side by side and politely point out they’re mistaken?


hey there

We never really claimed that the cheat sheets were created by us, in fact it’s clear from most of the cheat sheets that they were created by someone else. Nonethteless, I agree that we should have added the credit link to the author’s website.

johan henderson

Leuk die shortcuts. Maakt het makkelijk




Great cheat sheets to download and bookmark.


great cheats


usefull cheats

thanks a lot


Excellent website! I will download most of the PDFs =)

Thank you for posting.

Owais Ahmed

I am already a subscribed user from about a fortnight and waiting for the cheat sheets. When will i be able to get them.


nice share.. and valuable trick for traffic.. :)


i need runescape privat sservers cheat :S how i get it

Daniel Weinreb

These look great!


i can’t open it in my computer however, i hv downloaded the cheat sheets….
it’s showing symbols in ms word….


You’re the first person reporting that. I am not sure what can be the issue.


Sound like he doesnt have adobe reader installed on his computer. you can download adobe reader here


oh i had windows cheat sheet already.
a great list for those who’s curious about little windows stuff.

Bob Doktorich

i cannot d/l using Chrome


checked it with Chrome, works fine!


hi h r u


What a find! Thanks a bunch (downloading cheat sheets as we speak :-)


MakeUseOf.com ROCKS!!!

I had a problem I posted in a comment, thinking another guest might be able to help me out. Aibek saw my comment and sent me the nicest email with all the info I needed.

This site is fantastic. Nice people running it is frosting on the cake.


I know it is too late to say thanks ,

But you are really amazing

Thanks so much …


you’re welcome

sir jorge

great overall, wish i had these in college

Mark King

Ya.I must have it.Im curious about little windows stuff.I love my laptop


Hey, would you be able to add an Opera 10 cheat sheet? There’s a whole ton of useful shortcuts for that too. Thanks!


Ya,I agree with Tim,Opera has a many useful shortcuts.

Sakari Koivunen

Sorry, I am not able to follow your logic here. “Due to massive response […] only available to MakeUseOf subscribers”.

Since so many people found the cheat sheets helpful, you decided to make it harder for people to get the information they are looking for? Does that solve some problem we had or do we now have a problem that needs to be solved?


The cheat sheets proved to be popular, so we improved them and made them available to subscribers only. We also allocated one member of MUO team to constantly add new resources to the cheats/manuals page. Now they serve as an incentive to drive new subscribers.

jocky pants

yee ha


nice sheets

Kory Kipfer

aaaaah, sheet!


I have subscribes and activated the account, and I still can’t get these pages, any reason that would happen?



If I may ask a dumb question, does Google Chrome have a menu bar (file–edit–etc) and where do you find it? I know it’s intended to be a lite browser, but…

I think the new IE that comes with win7 is not only the best browser, but of all IE versions, this one doesn’t really seem buggy. Thank you.




There is no menubar in Google Chrome.


Is there any other useful PDFs that Makeuseof has?


Yes, there are about 20 useful guides as well.


thanks these are quite helpful codes..


What a intresting story
since reading your post I think it may be the same of a similar website in
avg free


what is that??

Hungry Hacker

These are simply great Cheat Sheets. I just would like to give you one more “Google Talk Cheat Sheet”. Here is the Link to get Google Talk Cheat Sheet: http://www.hungry-hackers.com/2010/01/google-talk-cheat-sheet.html


i like this makeuseof’s collections and ET collections.


Dude, last month I had to pay 150$ for bandwidth overuse, bringing the total hosting charges to 600$. Most of the extra bandwidth came from these downloads. So if we are going to pay for it this month, we may as well benefit from it. If you you dont like it then feel free to search for them somewhere else.

Mark O’Neill

They are not well hidden! If you subscribed to MakeUseOf, the link to the cheat sheets are at the bottom of every RSS post and in every email you receive! You just need to look properly!


As I did not receive such an email, it would have been more polite to mention the fact that the cheat sheets are indeed hidden.