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It’s June. There has been sun. There have been thunderstorms. There is the approaching Summer Holiday period. Whether you are taking a break from your studies, spending some time with your family, going on holiday, or just looking to have some relaxing fun, then there is something for you in today’s deals roundup.

Overwatch (Xbox One) [40% Off][CA]

Overwatch (Xbox One) by Blizzard Overwatch (Xbox One) by Blizzard Buy Now At Amazon CDN$ 72.14

Most famous for creating World of Warcraft, Blizzard launched their new game Overwatch to huge success last summer. Game prices are usually quite high at release, so just over a year later it’s a treat to see the price drop to almost half the original value.

Belkin WiFi Netcam HD IP Camera [23% Off] [CA]

F7D7602UK F7D7602UK Buy Now At Amazon CDN$ 144.31

Belkin are well known for their range of Apple accessories and more lately, affordable networking devices. Belkin’s Wi-Fi connected plugs have been very popular. Continuing that trend they branched out into smart home security. With all the features you’d expect (mobile access, nightvision, motion detection, wide-angle video and audio) the price makes securing your home this summer very attractive indeed.

Dracula – Bram Stoker (Penguin Classics, Paperback) [40% Off] [CA]

Dracula Dracula Penguin Classics Buy Now At Amazon CDN$ 1.64

It might be the start of summer, but it’s never to early to start thinking about the darker days of Halloween. Get yourself in the mood with this Penguin Classics edition of the genre-defining novel. If vampires aren’t your groove, then check out the entire list of Penguin Classics currently on sale.

Targus CityGear Vertical Roller for 15.6″ Laptop (Black) [40% Off]

Targus "CityGear 15.6"" Roller" Targus "CityGear 15.6"" Roller" Buy Now At Amazon CDN$ 365.65

Once flight operators allowed passengers to take a mini-case as carry on luggage we have become spoilt for choice in the luggage department. What is usually lacking is a case that is well-designed for our modern lives filled with electronics. Make life easier for yourself and protect your devices at the same time with this vertical roller from Targus.

Nutri Ninja Personal Blender [20% Off] [CA]

Smoothie are great all year-round but summertime is where they really come into their own. Shop bought varieties tend to be expensive and can be packed full of unnecessary sugar. Making your own not only makes it fresher but also ensures you know exactly what went in it.


Salter Stainless Steel Electronic Digital Kitchen Scales [20% Off]

Getting a blender for your smoothies is all well and good, but putting random portions in the mix can lead to odd creations. For a better outcome use a high quality scale to measure ingredients like this one from Salter.

Rocketek Mini USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader [74% Off] [CA]

Rocketek Mini USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader / Writer with 2 slots for SD / SDXC / SD HC / MMC / TF / Micro SD / Micro SDXC / Micro SDHC / Mini SD - UHS-I Cards support Rocketek Mini USB 3.0 Memory Card Reader / Writer with 2 slots for SD / SDXC / SD HC / MMC / TF / Micro SD / Micro SDXC / Micro SDHC / Mini SD - UHS-I Cards support 2 Media Slots -SD/MMC + Micro SD. Support SDXC up to 2TB, SDHC, SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Micro SDXC, Micro SD, Micro SDHC Card, Mini SD and UHS-I Cards. Buy Now At Amazon CDN$ 8.99

Whether it’s expandable storage on your phone or tablet, or the memory card in your stand-alone camera, memory cards are great. However, the one-type-fits-all approach of USB makes transferring data on and off the cards a hassle. Luckily there are many devices like the Rocketek Mini which act as USB adaptors for your memory cards.

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  1. Paul Parkinson
    June 6, 2017 at 6:20 am

    Headline says [UK] but all items are flagged [CA]. What IS the point?

    • James Frew
      June 6, 2017 at 6:25 am

      As an international site we try to make sure that our posts are as relevant to our readers as possible. I write the UK posts specifically for UK readers to find the best deals on Amazon products. The posts aren't limited to just UK readers though, so to try and make sure that our largest bases are covered we manually add links to other regional Amazon stores like Hope this helps and thanks for reading the UK Deals posts!