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android forumsAndroid users, have you ever found yourself searching for help regarding something to do with your phone?  Do you need advice on which app is best to buy?  Are you trying to work out whether what you want to do is even possible? We’ve all been there. This is when you start Googling like crazy and scouring the forums.

But many of these forums are actually worth spending a little bit more time in. If you’re a regular reader, you’ll find out loads of useful information, including many tricks for your phone. But which of the Android forums are the best?

Since getting my Android, I’ve become a member on several of these forums, and spent countless hours reading threads from the rest. All of the following sites are well worth your time. As an added bonus, many of these forums have an associated blog. So you can subscribe to the feed and keep abreast of the best Android news the forum has uncovered.

Android Community

Android Community has a really friendly look and feel to it “” the first links you see are to the introductions area and the lounge. But it’s not just fun and games. There’s a huge amount of phones listed for easy access to forum information specific to your device.

android forums

Android Forums

Android Forums has a great general forum for Android topics, plus very broad areas for each handset brand if you need to discuss your phone quirks. Has a minimalist look and feel.


google android forums

XDA Developers

XDA Developers was originally for Android developers, but has now been opened up to encompass hacks “” thus making it appropriate for most Android users.

google android forums

Android Central

Android Central has a phenomenal amount of ways to find specific information for individual phones, software and other Android issues. Registering lets you enter competitions and removes the sidebar of handy accessories you can buy.

best android forum

Talk Android Forum

Talk Android Forum makes it really easy to just chat about software or to browse by phone model, carrier or whatever else you like. You can also log in using Facebook, which makes it nice and easy to get started.

best android forum

Android Developers – Google Group

Android Developers Google Group is a neat way of finding out what’s in the works for future apps. Plus, if you’re searching for answers this often hits the spot. It’s an absolute must if you’re looking to code apps.

best android forum

And Dev Forum

Android Development Forum is really focused on people who plan to make Android apps, but they’re also discussing quirks, hacks and promoting their apps. So an average user might still benefit from a quick look or search.

android forums

More Android Reading

So you need a little more to read? We’ve got a few more things you might like.

Which Android forum is the most useful to you? Let us know in the comments!

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