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6Scan is a newly launched website protection service that aims to help webmasters thwart attacks and hacks that can compromise their sites. They take pre-emptive action, fixing known vulnerabilities and constantly checking for weak points. The tool is currently in alpha and free till Jan 24th, 2012 and after that it will cost $10 per month for their non-enterprise version.

It implements what they call “heuristic scanning” through their Patrol and Bodyguard protection suites that protect your site.

The site has taken care to not scare off webmasters who aren’t into stuff like server management by offering one-click installation for popular platforms like WordPress and Joomla. It says that all you need to do is install it once and the rest is taken care of by the tool.


  • Real-time website protection.
  • Scans your site for vulnerabilities.
  • Easy, one-click install.
  • Free till Jan 24, 2012 during the alpha period.

Check out 6Scan @


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