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Do you guyz know that myspace is most popular site on the web, outnumbering Big Brother Google in pageviews. On september 8, 2006 it had 106 million registered accounts with 230.000 new ones added daily. So considering that I decided to create something myspace users can make use of, a list of tools/websites for creating original and unique profiles.

Design – Layouts, Backgrounds and more

MyGirlySpace – mostly girly stuff (no mucho stuff here)


FlashGamesInc – games for your profile
MySpaceGames – and some more

Myspace Avatars

Meez – create virtual 3D animated image of yourself and put it on your profile (Recommended)
MySpaceAvatars – plain image avatars (browse down by category)
Zwinky – full animated image avatars. Didn’t try this one as it requires installation of browse toolbar(don’t use this one unless you sure you can remove it later)


Mygen – very detailed and powerful profile creator/editor
Thomas’ Myspace Editor – user friendly but rather limited
Myspaceeditor – can’t do much with this one, but if you need something on the spot give it a try


Tools for Music

Tracksfeed – design your own mp3 player
MyFlashFetish – original and stylish MP3 players (Recommended)
iLike – cool music social networking website, for myspace there is a nice profile batch displaying recently/most played songs from your iTunes player (iLike registr. required)
YourSpins – remix music from favorite artists and put mixes on your profile

Tools for Images

1- Slide show tools
Slide – highly customizable
Slideroll – lets you use photos from flickr Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Read More (free upto 10 slideshows and 100 photos)
– I recommend this one
– slide show + text = story
Bubbleshare – photo sharing website with an option to share image slide shows

2 – other image tools:
Flashface – add something unique by adding photorobot image of self instead of standard photo (review here Have some fun with ultimate Flashface Have some fun with ultimate Flashface Read More )
Mypictr – photo editing tool for making profile picture
Resizr – easy to use web based image resizing tool

Storage Services

Photobucket – Free Image/Video Storage
Imageshack – Free Image Storage

Tools for Video

Flixn – fastly record video using your webcam and post it on your profile…view tour
OneTrueMedia – create, edit and share your videos online same goes for 2 services below


Springwidgets – RSS reader widget for your profile
Widgetbox – more widgets
Widgetoko – more
LabPixies – and more
MyFlashFetish– there are only 5 widgets here but I really liked the way they look


Hotlistmaker – create and display all sorts of hotlists (songs, people etc)
HowManyOfMe – small batch that displays the number of Americans with the same name as yours
MyHeritage – upload your photo and find celebrities who look similar to you and display it on your profile
Librarything – display your favorite books on your profile (automatically gets thumbnail images for each book). Read review for librarything here Organize, Share, and Discover Books with LibraryThing Organize, Share, and Discover Books with LibraryThing Read More
Nooz – community edited news site for myspace members
PlanetSmilies – Lots of free smilies,sorted by category
Geovisitors– find out where visitors to your profile come from
Memegen – lots of fun quizzes/ surveys for your profile
MyWhatSpace – program that lets you easily manage and edit profile right from the desktop
Wink – Search for people on all major social networks at once

Related Blogs

Mashable – popular blog covering myspace, youtube, bebo, facebook and xanga social networks
Myspacehacks – must read blog for any active myspace user
WhatEverLife – easy to follow guides for profile design and editing, lots of ‘how to do’s’
MySpaceIsMyPlace – news, hacks and customization

Links picked up on the way

How to create custom layout
two custom premade layouts for free (Minimal Lime and Dark Minimal)
Geek Invades Mysace – this guy took myspace servers down for several hours
Myspace custom style remover – explains how to remove some of the default crap that comes with your profile
This article shows how to access myspace and other social networks from school, work and other places that block them.
profile contest organized by Honda


I’ll keep adding stuff here as I discover more. Use Ctrl+d to bookmark this page in your browser OR save it on delicious right below. Do you like this blog? You may add it to your friends by clicking here

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